The State Fair Community College Guided Self-Placement tool (GSP) was developed by math and English faculty.  GSP is to be used by incoming students, in conjunction with their Navigator, to select suitable courses. 

GSP is completed in two parts, math and English.  In the Math portion of GSP you will reflect on your ability to complete math problems and your score will be calculated based on your reflections.   On the English portion of GSP you will be answering a series of questions after reading a short article.  Questions will directly relate to the article as well as study habits.

What does my placement score mean?

All associate degrees require at least one math course and one writing course. Some certificate programs also require math or writing. The required math and writing courses for each degree are listed in the SFCC online catalog.

Your placement scores are used to enroll you in the level of math and writing where you are most likely to succeed. Once your scores have been determined, you can view the placement chart for math, writing, and reading courses.  Your Navigator can help you understand which classes you will be enrolled into based on how you scored.

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