SFCC has many talented faculty and staff who believe personal attention and innovative teaching techniques are the best way to reach students and address their personal educational goals.

Since 1988, the Student Government Association each year has recognized and honored a full-time faculty member who exhibits excellent teaching skills and dedication to student success. The award now also includes adjunct faculty and staff.

Each year the student body nominates and recognizes a full-time faculty  member, an adjunct faculty member and a staff member for their excellence in teaching and support of SFCC students. The honorees are announced in May.

2021 Winners

State Fair Community College announced on May 7 the 2021 Instructor, Adjunct and Staff Member of the Year recipients. From left, Danika Doyle, Staff Member of the Year; Jennifer Jackson, Adjunct Instructor of the Year, and Kelsey Glassmaker, Instructor of the Year.

Kelsey Glassmaker, Instructor of the Year. She has been a Nursing instructor at SFCC since 2018 and currently serves as the chair for the Nursing programs’ Curriculum Committee. In her response essay for the nomination, Glassmaker wrote that her goal is to help students in their journey to become a nurse by standing beside them, encouraging growth and instilling in them the value of being educated beyond one’s area of study.

Students nominating Glassmaker for the award spoke of her deep concern for their success, even to the point of changing how she teaches to fit students’ learning needs and to help them understand the material. One student wrote, “Kelsey engages all her students over Zoom; she makes lectures interesting, incorporates helpful activities … she gives us practical information we will need in the healthcare field, and she shows she cares about every one of her students.”

Dean of Health Sciences, Dr. Rhonda Hutton Gann said, “Kelsey is a true asset. She is kind, gentle, thoughtful, and student centered, yet holds students accountable. She is highly engaged in helping our students and program succeed, and in the words of one of her colleagues, ‘she is just an amazing human!’”

Jennifer Jackson, Adjunct of the Year. Jackson has taught English and public speaking since 2006 and also serves as the Instructional Resource Technician for English in the Tutoring Center. In her response essay, Jackson stated her motivation for teaching comes from a passion to be a lifelong learner and to instill that value of education in the students she encounters. Her time as a student at SFCC made her realize the importance of education and how it can transform lives in not only building a more well-rounded character but also in increasing opportunities.

Students who nominated Jackson for Adjunct of the Year all commented on her positive and caring attitude and her willingness to go “above and beyond” to help them learn and be confident in public speaking. One student wrote Jackson would even ask if they needed help in other classes with revising papers. Another student praised her for making the return to on-ground classes during the pandemic easier, and wrote, “It was scary coming into my first class on my first day not knowing what all the class would entail. Ms. Jackson welcomed me with a great (masked) smile. I felt so welcomed in her classroom all semester. I am not a very confident person when it comes to public speaking, but she helped me gain my confidence.”

Dean of Academic Affairs, James Cunningham said of Jackson, “She is the ideal instructor. She cares about students, does a great job and gets along with everyone. She has the drive to do a great job in the classroom.”

Danika Doyle, Staff of the Year. Doyle is Coordinator of Nursing Success and has worked at the college since 2014. Before the world was “turned upside down” in dealing with a historic pandemic, Doyle viewed a student-centered attitude as striving to be her “personal best” as a coordinator. Now, her idea of student-centeredness has taken on a new meaning as both she and her students worked together to meet the challenges of learning from home. Doyle asked her students to share their “new hurdles” and together they worked on developing plans to overcome fears and stumbling blocks to ensure they would still be successful.

Students who nominated Doyle commented about her passion for helping them understand concepts from lectures and using a variety of activities and tools to help them gain confidence and deal with stress. One student wrote, “She has to supply many boxes of Kleenex for all of us who feel like we won’t survive the program, or when we mourn the loss of another classmate from our cohort.” Another student commented Doyle always makes time to listen and works around our schedules so we can have the time we need with her to be successful.

“Students find Danika easy to talk to, and she will often help them decipher their challenges to find solutions,” said Dr. Hutton Gann. “In addition, Danika has been a key member of a team in nursing that developed and implemented an evidence-based proactive student success tool–one of the first of its kind in the country.”

Students submitted 89 nominations for the three awards. Student Government Association (SGA) members reviewed all nominations and selected four candidates for each category. A committee of student leaders selected the winners. 

All honorees received plaques and their photos are displayed in the Yeater Learning Center lobby on the Sedalia campus.

Past Winners

  Instructor Adjunct Staff
2020 Jack Lee Hayes Robin Blackburn Dana Goosen
2019 Tawnya Blades-Reed Rosemarie Hartner Macheznie Craig
2018 Brad Driskill Jessica Wingerter Lindy Johnson
2017 Kaley Hobbs Becky Arbisi Alexandr Bliskavka
2016 Jack Hayes Kim Rimel Danika Doyle
2015 Lisa Shoemaker Dondi Ramirez Janice Ganther
2014 Randy Crawshaw Stacie Wild Polly Grapes
2013 Kevin Haulotte Dan Page Michele Hunolt
2012  Lisa Adams John Chappell Julie Crawshaw
2011 Rick McBride William Callahan Joe Gilgour
2010 Dr. LaRoy Brandt Dixie Klement Stacey Klein
2009 Steve Galloway Jenny Pedersen  
2008 Erin Kaufman Tara Wirt  
2007 Jim Page George Shelley  
2006 Rena Galloway    
2005 Jodi (Stucker) Fudge    
2004 Doug Strauss    
2003 Carol Schibi    
2002 Leora Bremer    
2001 Connie Lamm    
2000 Modene Murphy    
1999 Cindy McClain    
1998 Rhonda Chalfant    
1997 Lydia Paul    
1996 Anne Homan    
1995 Jerrie Jones    
1994 Joyce Foster    
1993 Laura Taylor    
1992 Barbara Schulz    
1991 Keith Swanson    
1990 Don Lamm    
1989 Debbie Noland    
1988 Ron Wineinger    

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