SFCC has many talented faculty and staff who believe personal attention and innovative teaching techniques are the best way to reach students and address their personal educational goals.

Since 1988, the Student Government Association each year has recognized and honored a full-time faculty member who exhibits excellent teaching skills and dedication to student success. The award now also includes adjunct faculty and staff.

Each year the student body nominates and recognizes a full-time faculty  member, an adjunct faculty member and a staff member for their excellence in teaching and support of SFCC students. The honorees are announced in May.

2022 Winners

State Fair Community College announced in April the 2022 Instructor, Adjunct and Staff Member of the Year recipients. From left, Maddie Stephan, Staff Member of the Year; Dondi Ramirez, Adjunct Instructor of the Year, and Danielle Beumer, Instructor of the Year.

Danielle Beumer is SFCC’s 2022 Instructor of the Year. Beumer is a Radiologic Technology instructor. She started at SFCC part-time in 2006 and became a full-time instructor in 2013. Beumer’s education includes an Associate of Applied Science and Associate of Arts from SFCC and a Bachelor’s of Health Science from Central Methodist University.

Students who nominated Beumer described her as caring, sensitive, understanding, available, engaging, hardworking, passionate, and an amazing teacher. One student wrote, “She will come up with different ways to explain things to make sure we don’t just know the concepts but that we actually understand them.” Others wrote, “she can look at our class and see that we’re struggling mentally (school and life are stressful), and she will take the time to just sit and laugh with us … she has an unmatched passion for education, medical imaging and truly wants us all to succeed.”

The other finalists for Instructor of the Year were Danielle Dace, Brad Driskill, Cendy Harrell-Carson, Dr. Kevin Lawson, Meghan McClellan, and Timothy Wells.

Dondi Ramirez is SFCC’s 2022 Adjunct of the Year. Ramirez started at SFCC in 2011 as an adjunct instructor in multiple disciplines but currently teaches sociology courses. This is the second Adjunct of the Year award he has received; the first was in 2015. In 2021, Ramirez became a full-time navigator working with students studying art, criminal justice, fire science, history, psychology and more. Ramirez earned an Associate of Arts from SFCC and a Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Arts from University of Central Missouri.

Students nominated Ramirez for his fun, engaging teaching style and for demonstrating concern and compassion for his students. One student said he always makes class fun by mixing information with anecdotes from his life or by asking students to share their stories and makes lessons relevant to students’ lives. A student who had a difficult semester shared that it was easy to talk to Ramirez and that he was eager to help the student resolve those difficulties.

The other finalists for Adjunct of the Year were Daniel Bentley and Renita DeMalade.

Maddie Stephan is SFCC’s 2022 Staff of the Year. Stephan is the assistant director of Sonography and joined SFCC in 2020. She earned her Bachelor’s of Health Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Students said Stephan’s supportive and caring personality is why they nominated her for the award. One student’s nomination summarized well what others said about Stephan. “She always supports her students and is invested in their success. She has gone out of her way so many times through Covid, and still now, to help us become successful professionals. She is kind, knowledgeable, supportive, inspiring, and approachable.”

The other Staff Member of the Year finalists were Fatima AhHee and Kristen Henning.

The total number of nominations submitted by students was 157, out of which 80 candidates were nominated for the three awards. A committee of six students and two staff members selected the winners.

All honorees received plaques and their photos are displayed in the Yeater Learning Center lobby on the Sedalia campus.

Past Winners

  Instructor Adjunct Staff
2021 Kelsey Glasssmaker Jennifer Jackson Danika Doyle
2020 Jack Lee Hayes Robin Blackburn Dana Goosen
2019 Tawnya Blades-Reed Rosemarie Hartner Macheznie Craig
2018 Brad Driskill Jessica Wingerter Lindy Johnson
2017 Kaley Hobbs Becky Arbisi Alexandr Bliskavka
2016 Jack Hayes Kim Rimel Danika Doyle
2015 Lisa Shoemaker Dondi Ramirez Janice Ganther
2014 Randy Crawshaw Stacie Wild Polly Grapes
2013 Kevin Haulotte Dan Page Michele Hunolt
2012  Lisa Adams John Chappell Julie Crawshaw
2011 Rick McBride William Callahan Joe Gilgour
2010 Dr. LaRoy Brandt Dixie Klement Stacey Klein
2009 Steve Galloway Jenny Pedersen  
2008 Erin Kaufman Tara Wirt  
2007 Jim Page George Shelley  
2006 Rena Galloway    
2005 Jodi (Stucker) Fudge    
2004 Doug Strauss    
2003 Carol Schibi    
2002 Leora Bremer    
2001 Connie Lamm    
2000 Modene Murphy    
1999 Cindy McClain    
1998 Rhonda Chalfant    
1997 Lydia Paul    
1996 Anne Homan    
1995 Jerrie Jones    
1994 Joyce Foster    
1993 Laura Taylor    
1992 Barbara Schulz    
1991 Keith Swanson    
1990 Don Lamm    
1989 Debbie Noland    
1988 Ron Wineinger    

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