We want you to succeed. In fact, that’s the whole mission of our Student Success Center staff—to help you define, clarify and achieve your academic, personal and professional goals.

If you’re having difficulty in your courses, we can connect you with the support and resources you need, including navigator advising, counseling services and disability services.

The Student Success Center can help with:

  • Educational problems
  • Campus and community resources
  • Social environment problems
  • Housing resources
  • Economic barriers to your education
  • Mental health counseling and referrals
  • Career development and referrals
  • Transfer services and referrals

Student Success and Resources

At SFCC, we want to do everything we can to help you succeed in college. Therefore, we offer a variety of Student Resources and Support services to help you get through your studies.

Navigator Advising

Your personal navigator will help you plan your academic journey, stay on track for graduation and deal with obstacles along the way.

Student Orientation

For students who are new to State Fair Community College, your success begins at orientation! Orientation will connect you to campus technology used in SFCC classes, answer questions about topics of concern, and introduce you to resources that will help you successfully progress through your program of study. At orientation, you will also get the opportunity to explore your major/career, as well as interact with the SFCC community!

For more information, call the Student Success line at (660) 530-5831 or email success@sfccmo.edu.

Spring semester orientation is offered December 13, 2019 and January 7, 2020. There are two sessions scheduled each day, morning (8:00 am) and afternoon (1:00 pm). Preregistration is requested.

Disability Services

We provide reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities to make sure you can access the same educational experiences as your peers. Here’s what to do.


It’s all about success! Our Starfish software program makes it easy for you to discover our support services and how to contact them when you have concerns. Your navigator and instructors also can use Starfish to contact you about your academic performance. It’s a powerful tool that can help you finish what you start.

Counseling Services

No matter what your age, starting college, meeting new people and juggling homework and life can be overwhelming. When that happens, we’re here to help.

Career Services

Begin with your future in mind. Whether you’re looking for work right now or want the tools to land the perfect job after graduation, we have the resources you need.

Transfer Services

Your navigator can assist you with preparing for transfer if you want to earn a bachelor’s degree. We work directly with four-year schools in Missouri to make sure your credits will transfer easily. We host college transfer fairs to introduce you to college transfer representatives who will help you with transfer processes. Our motto? “Start here … go there!”

College Transfer Resources

The Proctor Library on the Sedalia campus maintains a supply of free transfer materials from other colleges in a cabinet near the checkout desk. Materials include catalogs and general admission information. Take whatever information you need to help you plan your transfer.

Toll Free (877) 311-7322

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