State Fair Community College is committed to being the preferred choice, where students, faculty, and staff realize their confidence, passion, skills, and potential. To do this, SFCC has multiple committees providing guidance and oversight to operations. These committees are listed below.

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Committee assignments and memberships are subject to change.

As such, SFCC Committees, the Office of the President, the SFCC Board of Trustees, the Executive Leadership Team, and the College Council are all collaborative campus entities committed to shared governance at the college.


  • Caring Campus


    Caring Campus Standing Committee


    Plan, Deploy, Evaluate and Revise initiatives that support a Caring Campus culture.

    Meeting Frequency and Scheduling:

    The team will meet monthly but additional meetings may be scheduled based on need.

    Membership and Attendance:

    Team members will serve a three-year term and those terms will be staggered.

    The team will be comprised of up to 13 members, including:

    • At least five staff members from Student Services, and/ academic support services, academic or technical areas, one of which must be from extended campus, and three of which must be classified staff, appointed by the Vice President of Academics and Student Services.
    • The Executive Director of Human Resources or his/her designee
    • At least four staff members from Facilities Maintenance and Custodial, the business office, human resources, IT, the Campus Store or Food Service, appointed by the Vice President of Finance and Administration, and two of which must be a classified staff member.
    • Up to three staff members, appointed by the President. These staff members may be classified or professional staff.

    Leaders, Agenda, Minutes, and Record Keeping:

    The group each year will select a chair and a vice chair. The Executive Director of Human Resources facilitates the group.

    The vice chair will serve in the absence of the chair.

    A Committee Recording Secretary will be selected from outside the membership.

    The chair will lead the meeting and will work with the executive director of Human Resources to develop the agenda, schedule meetings, recruit a recording secretary, distribute minutes, and ensure communication with stakeholders.

    Agendas for Standing Committee meetings will be developed and distributed at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. Minutes will be recorded by the Recording Secretary and sent out to the membership prior to the next scheduled meeting. Minutes will be stored in the Meeting Minutes Repository on the U:Drive, and a campus-wide report out plan will be developed.

    The Agenda may include the following elements:

    • Agenda:
    • Review of Minutes of Previous Meeting
    • Old Business
    • Working Group Reports
    • Project Plan Review
    • Communication Plan
    • Recognition Plan
    • Assessment and Key Performance Indicators
    • New Business
    • Adjournment
  • Nursing Assessment Committee

    The State Fair Community College (SFCC) Nursing Department assessment committee provides guidance to improve the validity and reliability of exams, reviews and modifies testing policies to promote positive student outcomes, and establishes guidelines to encourage continuity of course competency assessments throughout the SFCC Nursing program. The SFCC Nursing Department assessment committee is committed to using current research and best practice.


    • Becky Herman
    • Taylor Fields
    • Shanna Robert
    • Amy Carr
    • Sara Dunn
    • Kayla Kimbrough
    • Kasey Fredendall
    • Marla Gaston
    • Emily Bond
  • Nursing Curriculum Committee

    The mission of the curriculum committee is to develop, review, and maintain course and program curriculum for the professional and practical nursing programs.  The committee collaborates with faculty to ensure that course content aligns with the current best practices and NCSBN minimum standards to identify potential gaps or redundancies in curriculum and propose suggestions for improvement.

    • Hope Taylor
    • Courtney Moon
    • Tara Fergerson
    • Rhonda Franken
    • Courtney Ahnen
    • Krista Poe
    • Melissa Bedwell
    • Danielle Wissman
    • Kolby Hutchison
    • Meg Beebe

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