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We strongly urge students with physical, psychological, learning, or other disabilities to contact the Disability Resource Center prior to any testing or enrolling in classes. If you have documented disabilities, you may be entitled to additional services.

COVID-19 Information: Upon reopening, Testing Services will test by appointment only, have limited seating capacity and implement social distancing.  Face masks will be required for all entering the Testing Center. Certain testing programs may not be offered, and others may only be available with a remote proctoring option. Please contact the center at testing@sfccmo.edu or (660) 530-5818 if you need assistance.

We require requests for testing with accommodations to be submitted two days prior to the scheduled examination.

The Testing Proctoring Form is available on the Faculty page in mySFCC and in Testing Services. The instructor prints, fills out the form and brings a copy of the exam to the testing location at all of the campus locations.

Please make an appointment for an exam as early as possible, preferably two days before the exam.

Only students taking an exam are allowed in the testing lab. Anyone accompanying the test taker on the day of testing must wait outside Testing Services. Service animals are welcome in the testing lab if they comply with SFCC Regulation 2114.

Toll Free (877) 311-7322

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