Orientation is a great tool for students who are new to SFCC as well as current students. Students who take advantage of Roadrunner Ready (SFCC orientation) are more successful in their classes, and they can learn about financial aid and scholarships, textbooks, campus resources, SFCC academic technology, and more.

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Roadrunner Ready – FREE Online SFCC Orientation Course 

SFCC provides Roadrunner Ready FREE to help you get started on the right foot. Roadrunner Ready is available to all students who have been admitted to SFCC.  You can access the course at mySFCC Home page; click the Canvas icon in Applications and Tools. Please take the time to complete the course because it is an investment in your future success! 

Need more information? Call (660) 530-5831 or email success@sfccmo.edu.

Why participate in orientation?

Because courses move quickly, orientation allows student to “hit the ground running.” You will learn where to go for help, how to use SFCC technology and become familiar with your campus. Roadrunner Ready will prepare you for success! Research shows that students who participate in orientation stayed in college and had higher grade point averages than non-participants (E.M. Lehning, 2008). 

photo of an SFCC graduateLearning Goals for Roadrunner Ready orientation

Because your success matters, students will:

1. Be encouraged to log in to and navigate technology systems that support academic success – including SFCC email, Starfish, Degree Works, mySFCC (portal), and Canvas (learning management system). Students will use Canvas for: 
             a. Communicating with instructors
             b. Submitting course assignments
             c. Participating in course discussions
             d. Taking quizzes
             e. Accessing and managing files
             f. Checking course grades

2. Be introduced to SFCC resources and services

3. Understand student rights and responsibilities and laws that protect them

4. Be introduced to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and  how to provide access to protected educational records

5. Understand the general procedures for federal and state financial aid and where to check for pending financial aid issues

6. Be able to identify their navigator for follow up questions

For more information, call Student Success at (660) 530-5831 or email success@sfccmo.edu.

Toll Free (877) 311-7322

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