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Sate Fair Community College values partnerships with other colleges, as these agreements ensure a higher rate of student success at the institution of their choice. Currently, State Fair Community College proudly offers the following partnerships and agreements.

Agreements are subject to change by the offering institution. Students should always reach out to the transfer school for the most up to date information and agreements.

Missouri (Statewide) Articulation Agreement

If State Fair Community College does not have an articulation agreement with a transfer institution of interest, students are encouraged to contact the school that they plan to transfer to determine courses that they should take while at SFCC. For assistance, you may also contact the Student Success Center or your Navigator.

As a student prepares to graduate and transfer, it is important to understand that all colleges and universities are not alike. They all have different programs, services, and deadlines. To ensure you make the most efficient use of your time, effort, and money when transferring to another institution, take a moment to learn the rights and responsibilities of a transfer student, provided by the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

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