Thank you for considering State Fair Community College for your higher education or workforce training needs. Choosing the right school at the right time makes all the difference in your success, and I assure you that YOUR success is what matters the most to our faculty and staff!

Dr. Brent BatesSFCC is the premier destination to discover your passions and earn the credits and credentials you will need to succeed. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide relevant and responsive learning experiences that enable our students and communities to prosper.

There has never been a better time to be a Roadrunner, as today’s students have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning using cutting-edge equipment and technology to gain industry-standard credentials and certifications in facilities that are second-to-none in the state.

Transfer or degree-seeking students can rest assured in knowing that core credits (Core 42) from SFCC will transfer to any public college or university in Missouri.

SFCC offers a full comprehensive college experience with on- and off-campus housing, robust fine and performing arts, the Daum Museuam (a first-class museum of contemporary art), 14 sports teams, 20 student clubs and organizations, and caring faculty and staff who take the time to get to know you and support you academically.

Our navigator advising and student success teams work one-on-one with you to form a plan for success and to guide you to a wealth of resources that help you find the starting line and help you cross the finish line.

As SFCC’s president, my door is always open, and I’m ready to listen. During my 40 years in higher education, I have seen firsthand the transformational power community colleges have on individuals, families and communities. That is what motivates me and SFCC’s entire family to listen, gather information and make improvements that help us continue meeting your educational needs. Together we can do and be so much more.

Dr. Brent Bates, PhD.


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It's about community!

State Fair Community College provides relevant and responsive learning experiences that empower our students and communities to prosper.

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