The Report Card is a continuous quality improvement tool that provides quantitative information about the college’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.  It highlights Key Performance Indicators that are vital to our success.

Institutions are required to disclose student achievement data that address the broad variety of its programs, both undergraduate and graduate, as applicable, including student achievement data from each program level. See HLC policy Public Information (FDCR.A.10.070) for more information.

Report Cards

  • 2020
    Student and Community Centered Goal Results Timing
    Completion Rate (Graduation or Transfer)  50% 46% 2016 Cohort
    Fall 2016 to end of Summer 2019
    Job Placement Rate (Employed or in Military) 68% 80% Academic Year 18-19
    grads to May 2019
    Fall-to-Fall Full-Time Retention 70% 60% Fall 2018 – Fall 2019
    % HS Market Share 22% 16.1% Spring 2019 HS grads to
    end of Fall 2019
    Credit Hours Produced +5% -5.8% Fall 2019, Spring and Summer 2020
    Number Businesses Served 60 61 Fall 2019, Spring and Summer 2020
    Financial Performance      
    FY19 Annual Revenues over Expenditures ≥100% 97.8% FY2019
    FY19 Available Cash as % of Annual Expenditures 15-25% 12.6% FY2019
  • Data Dictionary
    Measure Source and Definition
    Completion Rate (Graduation or Transfer) IPEDS: Fall cohort of first-time full-time freshmen who graduate from SFCC or transfer within three years.
    Job Placement Rate (Employed or in Military) DESE 180-Day Follow-Up: AAS and Professional Certificate graduates employed or placed in the military within six months after graduation.
    Fall-to-Fall Fulltime Retention IPEDS: Fall cohort of first-time full-time freshmen who enrolled their second consecutive fall semester at SFCC.
    % HS Market Share  Banner/DESE (NCCBP Form 13): Public high school graduates in SFCC’s 14-county service area who enrolled at SFCC their first fall after graduating high school.


    Credit Hours Produced Enrollment Management Dashboard, Cognos
    Number Businesses Served Learningforce


    Annual Revenues over Expenditures Audited Financial Statements

    Annual revenues of all funds over all expenditures

    Available Cash as % of Annual Expenditures Audited Financial Statements

    Cash and investments (CDs) as a percentage of annual expenditures in all funds

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