SFCC is organized around the main administrative functions of the college. The President and Vice Presidents of these divisions make up the college’s administration. The Executive Leadership Team also includes deans and other key leaders.

A copy of the organizational (org) chart is available here.

Joanna Anderson


Dr. Joanna Anderson
The president is responsible for the overall administration of the college, which encompasses its vision, mission, policies, academic integrity, finances, personnel, and strategic planning to strengthen and enable the college to meet current and future stakeholder needs.

Toni Walter

Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees

Toni Walter
The executive assistant coordinates the activities of the President’s office and maintains the official board of trustees’ agendas and minutes.

Brent Bates

Vice President for Educational and Student Support Services

Dr. Brent Bates
The vice president for Educational and Student Support Services oversees deans and directors who provide core services such as academic affairs, technical programs, student support, institutional research, extended campuses, and athletic programs.

Jim Cunningham

Dean of Academic Affairs

Jim Cunningham
The dean of Academic Affairs works with the division chairs and faculty to develop, implement and assess general education credit courses, maintain the academic schedule and support students’ academic needs.

Dr. Rhonda Hutton Gann

Dean of Health Sciences

Dr. Rhonda Hutton Gann
The dean of Health Sciences is responsible for the leadership and coordination of all health science programs.

Mark Haverly

Chief Information Officer

Mark Haverly
The chief information officer provides vision, planning, oversight, and management for all aspects of information technology services at SFCC, which include user services, enterprise applications, technical and network systems, and website and portal support.

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

Brad Henderson
The executive director of Marketing and Communications is responsible for communicating a consistent message, maintaining a strong institutional identity and elevating public awareness of SFCC.

Mary Treuner

Executive Director of the SFCC Foundation

Mary K. Treuner
The executive director is responsible for fundraising, alumni relations and developing meaningful relationships and professional connections within the community to advance the visibility of and support for SFCC.

Rachel Dawson

Executive Director of Human Resources

Rachel Dawson
The executive director of Human Resources manages the hiring and onboarding process for new employees, maintains confidential employee records, assists with development and implementation of the employee handbook and HR policies and regulations, and oversees employee benefits.

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