Your transcript is your official academic record at the college. You may be required to provide transcripts when transferring schools or applying for certain jobs. Transcripts are permanently maintained for each student who enrolls at SFCC.

How Do I Request a Transcript?

SFCC uses the National Student Clearinghouse as our online transcript services provider. We do not accept transcript requests in person, by telephone, email, fax, or in writing.

To request your transcript, access the National Student Clearinghouse secure site and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Active students who still have access to mySFCC may also request a transcript online in mySFCC > Academics >> I need to … >> Request Official Transcript or Check Status.

If you experience a problem submitting your request, call our office during business hours. Please do not submit your request again until we let you know the problem has been solved.

All requests are processed in the order we receive them. Transcripts cost $10 per copy plus a processing fee. You can pay with a credit/debit card or e-check.

Delivery Options

  • Mail 
  • Electronic
    • PDF direct to recipient
    • ETX college to college

We do not offer same-day, fax or rush options. It is important to check with your recipient to determine which delivery options are acceptable. Transcripts are not considered official if the seal is broken.

Processing Time

  • Our normal processing time is two business days. This does not include mail time or electronic retrieval time by the recipient of your transcript.
  • During busy periods such as graduation, enrollment and grade processing, there may be a longer processing time.
  • Records for academic work completed prior to 1986 are not electronic and may require a longer processing time.
  • Requests cannot be processed if you have a financial obligation to the college. You may request a transcript, but the request will not be processed until your obligation has been satisfied and the hold released. The request will be held for 30 days.

Final Grades and/or Degrees Awarded

SFCC does not currently have the option to hold a transcript for final grades and/or certificate(s)/degree(s) earned. It is recommended that you watch your unofficial transcript in mySFCC and place your order once you verify that your grades and certificate(s)/degree(s) have been processed.

This can take up to one week after the semester has ended.

Note: Grades posted in your course shell do not indicate final grades have been processed and moved to your official transcript.

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