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Section Descriptions

Section 1

Calendar, President’s Message, Board of Trustees and Administration, Introduction to SFCC, Admission and Enrollment, Academic Standards, Student Code of Conduct, Students’ Right to Know

Section 2

Program Requirements for: General Education, Associate of Arts, Associate of Arts in Teaching, Associate of Fine Arts, Associate of Science, Skills Certificates, Professional Certificates, Associate of Applied Science

Section 3

Course Descriptions

2016-2018 Catalog

2016-2018 Course Catalog Cover
Section 1
Section 1 Addendum-April 2017 (revised calendar)
Section 2
Section 2 Addendum-April 2017
Section 2 Addendum-October 2017
Section 3
Section 3 Addendum-April 2017
Section 3 Addendum-October 2017

2014-2016 Catalog

2014-2016 Catalog Cover
Section 1
Section 2
Section 2 Addendum-November 2014
Section 2 Addendum-April 2015
Section 2 Addendum-October 2015
Section 3
Section 3 Addendum-November 2014
Section 3 Addendum-April 2015
Section 3 Addendum-October 2015

Archived Catalogs

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