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Oct. 11, noon

SFCC Alert [SEDALIA]: SFCC will TEST its severe weather sirens at noon today. No need to take shelter during a test.

In the event of an actual severe weather situation:

  • Building occupants should immediately move to a designated storm shelter as posted in classrooms and hallways.
  • Walk rapidly in an orderly fashion
  • In shelter, squat with hands locked at back of the neck protecting your head and remain in position until further word is given.

After the storm:

  • Await “all clear” message from Campus Safety and Security, weather radio or administration. Building managers will tour buildings checking for injuries/damage.
  • If occupants are injured, call 911 and notify Campus Safety and Security.
  • Do not leave designated area until verbally instructed to do so by Campus Safety and Security or an administrator.

Courtesy of SFCC Safety and Security

Toll Free (877) 311-7322

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