Drug and Alcohol Policy

Policy 2830 and Regulation 2830
Students may not possess, use, or distribute alcohol or illegal drugs on campus at any time. Possession of alcohol by those under 21 will be reported to law enforcement and SFCC may contact parents as allowed under FERPA. Illegal drug possession, use, or distribution, will be reported to law enforcement, violators may face criminal prosecution, fine, and imprisonment. First time offenders will be required to attend substance abuse education as part of the disciplinary process.

Weapons on Campus

Policy 2150 and Regulation 2150
Regulation 2150 allows for search by college personnel and/or law enforcement if illegal weapons are suspected. Law enforcement will be notified if illegal weapons are discovered.

Policy 2610 and Regulation 2610
Regulation 2610 (Student Code of Conduct) #11, prohibits possession or use of weapons on college property except for commissioned peace officers attending classes who will be permitted to carry their firearms if so required by department regulations.

Sexual Misconduct

Policy 2820 and Regulation 2820
SFCC provides educational programming for Sexual Misconduct awareness each semester. Regulation 2829 outlines the procedure for reporting a sex offense, potential discipline, and process of judicial hearings as well as instructions on notification of sex offenders attending or working at SFCC.

Find all policies and regulations at www.sfccmo.edu/about/policies-regulations.

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