We strive to provide students, faculty, staff, and guests with a safe learning environment for everyone. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors at any campus location can help by recognizing and reporting concerns and incidents that impact the welfare of the campus community.

Emergency Situations

  • Call 911 from the closest phone.
  • If calling from a campus phone, you can dial 911 or 9911. Calling from a campus phone ensures that the location information is displayed for the 911 dispatcher. Tell the dispatcher what building you’re in and the room number—not just the address of the campus.
  • Public phones that can be used for emergency communications are located in these areas:
    • Hopkins Student Services Center—North entrance
    • Fielding Technical Center/Heckart Science and Allied Health Center—Connecting hallway
    • Yeater Learning Center—Off main lobby near TRiO Office
    • Stauffacher Center for the Fine Arts—Across from north theatre entrance
    • Davis Multipurpose Center—Two phones: southeast corner on both upper and lower levels
  • Once the 911 call is complete, call Campus Safety and Security.
    • From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.—Call ext. 7110 from a campus phone or (660) 596-7110 from other phones

 Nonemergency Situations

  • Call extension 7110 from campus phones
  • Call (660) 596-7110
  • Email: chammonds@sfccmo.edu

Examples of nonemergency situations:

  • You notice something that could create a safety or security concern such as lights that are not working, areas that need more lighting, exit and emergency lights that are not working, downed electrical lines, objects obstructing walkways, driveways, etc.
  • You observe that a student, employee, or visitor is struggling with behavioral issues that could create a safety concern. People who are considering violence often reveal their intentions prior to the event. This may be done through Facebook or other social network postings, disturbing writings, conversations, changes in behavior, etc. Report any concerns by contacting the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) by completing the Student Concern and Incident Report form. The team will research and evaluate each case and take the appropriate action.
  • You have an idea or suggestion that could improve campus safety.
  • You have property that has been stolen or damaged.

Student Concern and Incident Report

You are welcome to submit a confidential online form. We will send your information to the appropriate office for follow up. Submissions can be anonymous; however, it could hinder the college’s ability to effectively investigate and/or respond to the situation.

Toll Free (877) 311-7322

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