Students, employees, volunteers, and visitors of the college who have experienced any form of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, are encouraged to report the incident promptly.

What Should Be Reported

Sex-based discrimination occurs when a person has been treated inequitably based on sex, gender identity or gender expression. Specifically, SFCC prohibits the following forms of sex discrimination:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Stalking on the Basis of Sex
  • Intimate Partner / Relationship Violence
  • Sexual Exploitation

Definitions of the above terms can be found in Regulation 2820.

Image of badge for collective institutionIf you become aware, directly or indirectly, of the above behaviors, file a report with the Title IX coordinator or a Title IX investigator. Duties and responsibilities of the college’s Title IX coordinators include monitoring and oversight of the overall implementation of Title IX compliance at the college, including coordination of training, education, communication, and coordinators of grievance procedures for faculty, staff, students, and other members of the college community.

How to Report an Incident

Reports can be made in person, by telephone or by email; the preferred method is the confidential online form. Submissions can be anonymous; however, it could hinder the college’s ability to effectively investigate and/or respond to the situation.


Toll Free (877) 311-7322

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