Welcome to the spring 2020 semester!

Here are some reminders and tips. Take a few moments to review the information under these tabs because we want YOU to get off to the right start so you can finish STRONG!

Your SFCC Team

Please noteJan. 6-9, Student Services will be open until 6 p.m. to accommodate students who may need assistance in applying for admission and enrolling in spring classes. 

Deadline to enroll is 11:59 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 12.

Let's Get Started!

√ Enroll in classes on time.
Enrollment closes for 16- and first 8-week classes at 11:59 p.m. on Jan 12, the day before the first day of the semester. If you have questions about enrolling, contact your navigator or set an appointment in Starfish to meet with him or her.

Enrollment for 12-week classes closes at 11:59 p.m. Jan. 27, and enrollment for second 8-week classes closes at 11:59 p.m. March 22. See Academic Dates and Deadlines.  

Pay your bill.
You have until 11:59 p.m. Jan. 17 to pay in full (by financial aid, personal payment or combination thereof); have financial aid completed with sufficient aid to pay account balance in full; or enroll in a payment plan. You need to do this even if you receive financial aid.

If you don’t take care of this by the deadline, a hold is placed on your account. This means you cannot make schedule changes, enroll in future terms or receive a transcript until you have met one of the payment options. Students who choose to enroll in a payment plan will not be able to receive a transcript until all payments for current semester have been received and account balance is zero. For more information, visit how to pay your bill.

Check your financial aid.
Go to mySFCC Finance Aid regularly to check for red flags regarding awards and requirements. Check out information about scholarships, other money management tools and when financial aid checks are mailed.

Go to all your classes, get connected and have FUN!
Going to classes, whether on-ground or online, is necessary to be successful in college. Instructors have important information to tell you the first day of class. Check mySFCC announcements and student email often so you know what is going on!

Add or drop classes.
The last day to add 16-week and first 8-week classes is Jan. 12. The last day to drop and receive 100 percent refund for 16- and first 8-week classes is Jan. 17. No refunds are issued after this date.

You cannot drop a course by simply notifying the instructor or by no longer attending. All hours from course drops will count as attempted hours for course repeats, determining eligibility to continue enrollment, determining eligibility to receive financial aid and scholarships, determining residence hall eligibility and determining athletic eligibility. It is your responsibility to notify the instructor and follow the process if you want to drop your classes. Click Add or Drop for more information.

Students cannot drop their last class or withdraw from all classes online through mySFCC. The link to the Student Withdrawal Form is located in mySFCC > Enroll > Enrollment Tools > Add or drop classes.

Get your BLUECARD (if you haven’t already) and put some Roadrunner Bucks on it.
Go to Student Services in the Hopkins Center, Room 750, to get your card. It’s your student ID that is used to check out materials in the Proctor Library; purchase print copies (the first 20 copies are FREE), purchase items in the Café or Campus Store, and to get in FREE to plays, concerts and basketball games. Roadrunner Bucks can be added to your BLUECARD online at or at the cashier’s window in the Hopkins Center.

Students at extended campuses must come to the Sedalia campus to get their BLUECARDS. However, there may be an opportunity to get your card at an extended campus, so watch mySFCC for announcements.

Update your address and phone numbers.
Keep this information current to ensure financial aid information, checks and important notices, including SFCC Alerts, reach you. At any time, go to mySFCC > Home> Personal Information, and select Update Contact and Emergency Information to make changes.

Get connected and stay connected!
Read mySFCC campus and personal announcements and your SFCC student email. We correspond with you through SFCC email, so check it regularly. Important information is posted daily about events, news and reminders. You can get your SFCC email on your Smart phone or other mobile devices. Go to ITS Knowledge Base to learn how to do this!

Get a parking cling.
Parking clings are free. They are available from office personnel at each SFCC location and in Student Services on the Sedalia campus. Display the cling on the rear window in the bottom corner of the driver’s side.

At the Sedalia campus, regular parking lots are directly adjacent to the campus buildings; overflow parking is available at the Davis Sports Complex west of the Hopkins Center. Restricted parking is outlined in blue for persons with disabilities. Visitor, loading, bus lane, fire lane, etc., are marked with signs.

Buy a 10-Meal Punch Card.
The SFCC Café, managed by Great Western Dining Services, Inc., offers a 10-Meal Punch Card for non-residence hall students that can be used for any meal with unlimited servings from the residence hall serving line. The punch card costs $50 and is a discount from the regular Casual Meal cost. The card can be purchased at the cashier’s window in Hopkins. There is no expiration date for punch cards. Click Student Meal Plans for details and hours of operation.

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