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SFCC Athletics offers student-athletes opportunities in basketball, baseball, golf, softball, soccer, esports, shooting sports, spirit squad, track & field, and cross country.


Virtual Tour

Take a look around our college with this virtual tour of our beautiful campus in Sedalia, Missouri. This is a great way to get a feel for our campus when you can't make it in person.

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You did it! Congratulations on your graduation. Before the big day, make sure you’ve applied for graduation and completed everything you need to do to receive your diploma!


Daum Museum of Contemporary Art

The Daum Museum of Contemporary Art is located on SFCC’s Sedalia campus.


The Olen Howard Workforce Innovation Center

Stronger Workforce, Greater Community: A Capital Campaign for the Olen Howard Workforce Innovation Center and Center for Excellence.


Small Business Development Center

Looking for resources for your small business or fledgling idea? We can help!

The Arts at SFCC

The Arts at SFCC

Be inspired to create and perform at SFCC.

Student Life Activities

Student Activities

The classroom isn’t the only place you can learn, grow and develop new skills!

Davis MPC

Fred E. Davis Multipurpose Center

The Davis MPC is a hub of activity.

Success Happens Here

A showcase of SFCC's talented students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Arantza Azuara Heredia

Name / Hometown: My name is Arantzazu Garaitza Azuara Heredia and I was born in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. The name of my hometown translates to B ... Read more about Arantza Azuara Heredia. [Read More]

Ryan Retone

Name / Hometown: My name is Ryan Retone and I am from Nixa, Missouri. Program of study (certificate or degree?) Digital Media Communications (AAS) / C ... Read more about Ryan Retone. [Read More]

Joey Couch

For those who end up working in their college town, there are usually just a few miles difference between learning skills in the classroom and applyin ... Read more about Joey Couch. [Read More]

Kirby Liesmann

For Kirby Liesmann, experience has been his toughest but most important teacher. Although a professional wakeboarder, Liesmann has taken his fair shar ... Read more about Kirby Liesmann. [Read More]

Joyce Singer

At 53 years old, Joyce Singer thought her life had pretty much settled down, but one conversation with her mother changed everything. “I signed up ... Read more about Joyce Singer. [Read More]

Erica and Jonathan Petersen

Between work and a youth baseball game, Erica and Jonathan Petersen herded their three children back to their alma mater to revisit an old stage of th ... Read more about Erica and Jonathan Petersen. [Read More]

Amber Clement

Each year, around 300,000 undergraduates take a break from their home institutions to study abroad. Amber Clement, however, was already a world travel ... Read more about Amber Clement. [Read More]

Jeremy Simmons

SFCC’s Radiologic Technology students all have dreams for the future. Thanks to Instructor Jeremy Simmons, they’re following them to the letter. ... Read more about Jeremy Simmons. [Read More]

Steven Lutz

Steven Lutz is in a good place. Five years after earning his associate degree from SFCC he’s landed his dream job and just got his first promotion. ... Read more about Steven Lutz. [Read More]

Alaina Sonksen

Alaina Sonksen thought she had her college education all figured out when she was in high school. She was going to go to a small private college and g ... Read more about Alaina Sonksen. [Read More]

Mary Wright

Mary Wright’s kids had a good point: If she told them to get a high school diploma and go to college so they could get good jobs, why wasn’t she ... Read more about Mary Wright. [Read More]

Allison Duncan

When Allison Duncan sets her mind to something, she doesn’t waste any time. When she decided she wanted more for her newborn son, the question wasn ... Read more about Allison Duncan. [Read More]

Alluzyn Armendariz

Carpe diem (seize the day) is definitely how Alluzyn Armendariz lives life. Armendariz graduated high school in December 2014, just one day after fin ... Read more about Alluzyn Armendariz. [Read More]

Dawn Hines

“For me, when I was a student, there’s no way I would have been able to go to school without financial aid,” Dawn Hines says. Now 34 and an SFC ... Read more about Dawn Hines. [Read More]

Jodi Fudge

Jodi Fudge is in the business of shaping futures. As an Information Management instructor at SFCC, she loves working with students and seeing them rea ... Read more about Jodi Fudge. [Read More]

Jenneca Foster

The first thing Jenneca Foster said when she arrived at SFCC’s Sedalia campus was how pretty it was. While most alumni grow used to seeing Sedalia ... Read more about Jenneca Foster. [Read More]

Kathleen Matz

When Kathleen Matz enrolled at SFCC in fall 2014, she had low expectations for her college experience. “I had a mindset that I wasn’t going to lik ... Read more about Kathleen Matz. [Read More]

Lorna Alexander

It is never too late to open and walk through the door of education. “I always told myself, ‘You don’t have time to fail … you are 50-some yea ... Read more about Lorna Alexander. [Read More]

Tammie Montgomery

“Technology changes at lightning speed,” Tammie Montgomery says. Her career, which spans 30 years at SFCC, has seen the field of computer science ... Read more about Tammie Montgomery. [Read More]

Taylor McGovern

Taylor McGovern, 25, clearly remembers the first time he saw a life saved. While working at a grocery store on Whiteman Air Force Base, a young custom ... Read more about Taylor McGovern. [Read More]

Tina Luper

“Education doesn’t mean you have to have a bunch of letters behind your name,” says Tina Luper, AA, BS, JD. “It means you need to figure out w ... Read more about Tina Luper. [Read More]

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