March 06, 2024

Name / Hometown:

My name is Ryan Retone and I am from Nixa, Missouri.

Program of study (certificate or degree?)

Digital Media Communications (AAS) / Communications (AA)

Why did you choose SFCC?

I got recruited to play baseball and really enjoyed the school and how academics were important and taken seriously. Also, it was one of the few junior colleges with a specific program for digital media.

How is SFCC preparing you for success?

I think that SFCC is preparing me for my success because of the high-quality instructors and program coordination. A lot of the work I’m doing in my classes are real-world applicable, so there’s a reason for everything we do.

What is your favorite thing about being a student at SFCC?

Definitely the people, it is a very family environment, I feel like I’ve met a lot of my best friends since being here. 

What are your employment goals after completing your certificate or degree?

My goal is to become the full-time sports play-by-play voice for a Division One University, or the director of sports at an ESPN-associated radio station.

If currently employed, are you here to gain new skills related to your job? Learn a new skill set? Enhance current skill set?

I am currently employed by a local radio station and find a lot of the things I have learned in classes carrying over to that job and my freelancing work. The nice thing about the Digital Media program is it is very well-rounded. I’ve been able to not only enhance my current skills, but also add upwards of ten skills to my resume, which makes it extremely easy to get a job.

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