Part of our mission is to provide a reliable, sustainable and maintainable technology infrastructure to support the needs of faculty, staff and students both in and out of the classroom.

We offer three levels of support in order to provide quality technology services.

Level 1 – Full Support

This is the highest level of support we provide. It is reserved for technology that adheres to the recommended standards developed by our advisory committee. We will maintain in-depth knowledge of this technology and extend every effort to provide full error recovery. Our staff will attend vendor training, may be certified, may provide training to users, and may have the software or hardware on hand. Help with software licenses is available in this support area.

Level 2 – Partial Support

This is available for some aging technology, generic PCs and common applications and operating systems not fully supported but sometimes used by the SFCC community. We will ensure a working network connection for hardware in this category and attempt to resolve other issues. However, since the level of expertise in ITS may vary for this category and more research may be needed to solve problems, we cannot commit to a specific resolution time frame.

Level 3 – Alternative Support

This is available for hardware and software not in the first two categories, or hardware/software issues in the Level 2 support area that cannot be resolved. We will maintain little to no expertise for this category, but will attempt to find a resource for the user (such as a vendor or manufacturer) and will assist with any necessary upgrades. We do not commit to resolving these issues, and they automatically receive the lowest priority.

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