We see it all the time. You enroll in college with your eyes on the prize: earning an associate degree. But life can get in the way, and sometimes you leave before you reach your goal.

Sound familiar? If so, the Missmissouri-reverse-transferouri Reverse Transfer (MRT) program is designed for you.

The program allows college students or former college students who have completed credits for an Associate of Arts (AA) degree to receive that degree—even if they have transferred to a different college or university or stopped out of higher education altogether.

In short, Missouri wants to make it as easy as possible for you to finish your associate degree—sometimes even while pursuing your bachelor’s degree. Pretty cool, right?

Why Get an Associate Degree Now? It Could:

  • Help advance your career
  • Give you an edge so you qualify for more jobs
  • Help you earn more money
  • Enable you to possibly meet general education requirements at your four-year transfer institution

Are you Eligible?

To be eligible for an MRT associate degree, you must have earned a minimum of 15 credit hours at a single Missouri two-year institution. If you already have an associate or higher degree, you are not eligible.


If you completed your AA degree in May or will complete it in July or December, you will be a May candidate for graduation. You should complete the Application for Graduation for Missouri Reverse Transfer. Submit the form in person, via fax or mail to:

State Fair Community College
Academic Records and Registrar
3201 W. 16th St.
Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 596-7472 fax

Diplomas will be mailed to spring graduates at the end of June and to summer graduates at the end of August if all requirements are met and all financial obligations to the college are satisfied.

Participating Four-Year Colleges

Visit the Missouri Department of Higher Education website for a list of participating four-year colleges, MRT steering committee members and more detailed information on the program.

Watch this short video for an overview of the Missouri Reverse Transfer program.

Toll Free (877) 311-7322

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