Recipients of grant funds must comply with all applicable federal and/or state statutes regulations, and policies, as well as institutional requirements. Working closely with Grant Services is paramount to the success of your grant.

  • “Do it right the first time” is a great motto. Setting up grant-specific procedures and reporting systems can impact the efficiency, effectiveness and financial sustainability of your grant.
  • Know and comply with program requirements listed in the grant program guidelines or Request for Proposals (RFP). Review the due dates and how your deliverables will be evaluated, and design your processes to meet these requirements. They are intended to ensure that your project is successful.
  • Developing, maintaining and overseeing finances cannot be over-emphasized. The key is working with Grant Services to ensure financial controls are being followed.
  • Manage the program budget, purchase orders and personnel contracts.
  • Review monthly and mid-year financial reports and, if needed, revise the annual budget and submit your revision to Grant Services.
  • Maintain a common, centrally located grant file that contains all the documentation related to its compliance with grant requirements.

We can assist with college, district, state, and federal rules and statutory program requirements for compliance with numerous corporate, legal and professional requirements. You must document that you are managing your business according to set standards. This is an area where doing it right the first time is critical.

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