How to Apply for a Grant

Once Grant Services, a faculty member or a department has identified a funding opportunity, our office will coordinate the proposal submission process. We will:

  • Meet with lead faculty, staff and deans to discuss the grant idea and funding opportunities.
  • Invite stakeholders to participate in a grant development team.
  • Work with the team to develop a project design and budget. The team will write a proposal narrative and work together to edit the proposal.
  • Obtain final approval from appropriate sources such as the college president, deans, Board of Trustees, and Accounting office.
  • Since most grant applications are submitted online, we will ensure that all necessary requirements are met to submit through online systems.
  • Submit the grant proposal to the funder.

Grant Review & Approval Process

Grant Services offers the following services to make the process easier. We will:

  • Research funding opportunities that meet SFCC’s mission and strategic goals and alert appropriate administrators and faculty about grant opportunities.
  • Help determine project fit with funding opportunity based on the agency’s grant guidelines, department resources and project sustainability after grant funding ends.
  • Obtain approval for letters of support and partnership with external agencies and provide assistance when appropriate.
  • Facilitate development of grant proposals with the support of college faculty, staff and administrators and/or community partners.
  • Write and edit proposals based on information from grant development teams.
  • Coordinate internal approval and review procedures for government grants and collaborate with the SFCC Foundation to follow the process for private and corporate foundation proposals.
  • Coordinate proposal submission, including preparation of the proposal, budget and all necessary forms by the submission deadline, along with the necessary approvals.

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