Deadline and Priority Consideration

Please plan ahead. Lead times for services vary widely depending on your needs and staff availability.

Please keep in mind:Marketing and Communications completes more than 900 jobs per year, including announcements, press releases, publications, and campaigns. Unplanned “rush” requests for services disrupt the production of projects for your colleagues, the editors and designers. Please initiate projects or publications as far in advance as possible.

Most services are provided free to SFCC departments and offices. Departments are responsible for costs that occur with projects (printing, postage, etc.). Grant-funded programs will be charged for materials, labor and other costs that occur (printing, postage, etc.).

Which Publications Have Priority?

  1. College mission (catalog, magazine, annual report/fact book, student services publications)
  2. Institutional marketing (enrolling each semester, new program, new location)
  3. Special publications for president, vice presidents and deans
  4. Collegewide (i.e. commencement program)
  5. Program or department publications

Since most publications fall into the fifth category, projects usually are assigned deadlines based on submission dates and project timelines.

Initiating a Project/Publication

  • Complete a Services Request Form found on mySFCC > Employee > Other Campus Forms. All jobs MUST start with this request. Please do not email marketing staff with requests. A direct link to service form is available here.
  • Supervisor approval – Some service requests may require notification of your supervisor or ELT representative.
  • Email supporting documents and materials to Jobs aren’t typically started until the form is completed and all materials are received.

A Services Request Form is official. All information submitted via the online form is stored in a database and is date stamped. Each work order is assigned a job number and completed based on priorities and deadlines. It is to your advantage to submit requests as early as possible.


Marketing and Communications’ goal is for customers to be satisfied with the final products in a timely manner. To know how long it takes to complete a project, it is essential to know the steps involved. Under normal circumstances, time should be allowed for eight steps in each project (see below). Review and revisions may be repeated. We can help you work backward through the project and the steps to completion to create a timeline.

New and complicated projects should have time considerations in case setbacks occur. Examples of other variables include schedules of those involved and whether the item will be printed internally or externally.

Typical Path of a Publication

Some steps may be eliminated or repeated based on the type and complexity of the project.

  1. Completion of Services Request Form and submission of all materials.
  2. Writing and/or editing by marketing staff
  3. Client review of text
  4. Design concept by designer
  5. Client review of design
  6. Revisions
  7. Printing and finishing
  8. Delivery of finished item
If the project is complicated or lengthy, please request a meeting with the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications.

Lead Times for Services (Based on Business Days)

  • Custom Artwork/Design and Logos
    Cover design 1 week
    Custom artwork/design 1 month
    Facebook covers 1 week
    Maps, diagrams 3 weeks
    SFCC logos 1 day
  • News/College Communication/Photos
    Press release 2-3 weeks More Details
    mySTAR announcement 7-10 days More Details
    mySTAR email 1-2 days, subject to Employee Communication Plan
         Events 2 weeks More Details
         Head shots 1 week
         Photo search 2 weeks
         Programs/promotional 2 weeks
  • Printed Materials/Advertising
    Annual report 1 month
    Booklet 8 weeks
    Brochure 1 month
    Business cards 2 weeks
    Form 3 weeks
    Invitation 2 weeks
    Poster/flyer 3 weeks
    Print ad 1 week More Details
    Pocket folder 1 month
    Postcard 2 weeks
    Program 1 week
    Schedule/catalog 1-2 months
    Rack card (new) 3 weeks
    Rack card (revision) 1 week
    Miscellaneous (ticket, bookmark, table tent, certificate, etc.) 1 week
  • Signage
         EBBY 1 week
         Web slider/button 1 week
         Sign/banner 1 month
    Permanent See Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
  • T-shirt Design

    MarComm does not generally provide T-shirt designs but will advise Campus Store staff on design when needed and provide artwork for promotional items when needed. Lead times for custom artwork/design apply. We like T-shirts; we wear them; we just don’t design them.

  • Web Services
    Web content (new) 1 week
    Web content (revised) 1-2 days
    Social media 1 day to 2 weeks depending on source of information
  • Writing/Editing
         Original writing 2-3 weeks More Details
         Editing 2-3 days More Details
  • Reorders (No Changes)
    Reorders (no changes) 1-2 days
  • Video
    Video 4-6 weeks (most projects require significant planning)

Note regarding photo releases:

It is strongly suggested that a photo release be obtained from anyone who appears in a photo that will be used by the college. Photo release forms are available from Marketing and Communications. Anyone who does not want a photo used has the right to make that request.

Marketing and Communications will let you know when your publication/project is ready to be reviewed. You are responsible for ensuring that all factual information is correct.

When you review a publication, make sure the edited information is typeset correctly. Please avoid changing the wording of sentences or order of the sections, or adding or deleting copy when you proofread. We understand that course numbers, dates, etc., may change, but we need to know of these changes before you proofread. Making major changes or many changes can cause your publication to be delayed.

You also will be asked to approve the design, artwork and photos selected. Any concerns should be addressed at this point.

Approval is necessary before items are printed. Promptness in proofreading will help ensure that your publication is delivered by the established due date.

Please allow one to two business days turnaround time for each set of revisions depending on the size of the project (most jobs have several rounds of revisions).

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