SFCC is always looking for ways to recognize student academic achievement and passion. In 2021, SFCC partnered with PLTW to offer students in the PLTW Biomedical pathway articulated college course credit. Students interested in pursuing a health science pathway can get ahead by applying to SFCC and earning valuable science credits  toward an AA degree and opening students’ schedules so they can take upper level courses faster.


The PLTW Biomedical Program contains courses that focus on the application of science as it pertains to the healthcare field. Students who take these courses receive a solid foundation in scientific knowledge and important soft skills. SFCC believes that this type of program helps prepare students for college introductory level science courses.

Application for PLTW

Articulation Overview

Please use the tabs below to review requirements for each Biology Course.

BIO100 General Biology (3) PLTW Biomedical Courses Completed PBS, HBS, and MI
Cumulative GPA in PLTW Biomedical Courses 3.0/4.0 or higher
Scores on EOC Exams At least 1 EOC with

● Stanine Score 6 or higher

● Scaled score of 380 or higher

Frequently Asked Questions

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