Why Should Your Company Invest in Apprenticeship Programs?

Is your business losing skills to retirements? Do you need a sound strategy to replace experienced talent? Consider hiring an apprentice.

Apprenticeships with State Fair Community College are a low-risk hiring strategy that builds loyalty and allows you to develop employee training programs that pass on the knowledge of your experienced employees before they retire.

Investing in your employees is a proven method to build loyalty. Apprenticeships create a valuable working relationship from the beginning that will help the apprentice establish a career within your company with a strong foundation of knowledge and provide valuable connections with colleagues.

Apprenticeships help your company:

  • Improve your strategy for hiring a skilled workforce
  • Close the skills gaps by providing a pipeline of highly skilled employees with industry credentials
  • ‘Grow your own’ talent to keep pace with the latest industry advances
  • Deliver a motivated pool of degree seekers
  • Diversify your workforce
  • Reduce recruiting and turnover costs
  • Ensure knowledge of seasoned experts is passed down before they retire
  • Put entry-level employees on a career path
  • Increase employee loyalty and reduce turnovers

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