The Student Government Association (SGA) is organized as a student senate comprised of one member from each recognized campus organization, plus five freshmen and five sophomores elected from the student body at large.

SGA represents a diverse group of clubs and interests. It focuses on student activities and interests and provides an opportunity for students to work with others to develop organizational and leadership skills. The effectiveness of the group is directly dependent upon the student leadership and enthusiasm of the senators.

SGA coordinates with the Campus Activities Board on campuswide events including the Roadrunner Roast and Student Activity Fair in the fall, homecoming activitiesTrivia Night, and the Spring Fling, a campuswide picnic. It also works to unite campus clubs and organizations on campuswide service activities.

Each semester the SGA president establishes regular meeting dates, which will be announced in mySTAR. All students are welcome!

2018-2019 SGA Officers

President Elaine Ewigman
Vice President Ashley Nuci
Senator at Large Elizabeth Larson
Senator at SFCC-Lake of the Ozarks Amaryah Bennett
SGA Advisor Mikaela Rojak

Toll Free (877) 311-7322

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