Agriculture Club

The Ag Club works within the community to develop leadership and educational skills. Members attend conventions and participate in local, state and national activities.

Brad Driskill
(660) 596-7238

American General Contractor’s Club-AGC

The AGC is perfect for anyone interested in the construction skills trades.

Richard Vanderweide
(660) 596-7233

Campus Christian Connect-C3

Christian Camus Connect (C3) exists to provide college students the ability to connect with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a loving environment, while experiencing community, loving where they are, and fostering growth for a successful future. C3 meets weekly for fellowship, bible study, and prayer.

Mikaela LaRue (temporary contact)
(660) 596-7173

Criminal Justice Club

The club is open to all students interested in learning about criminal justice, whether or not they are CJ majors. Activities include field trips and guest speakers.

Cendy Harrell-Carson
(660) 596-7367

Dental Hygiene Club

Renee Fiquet-Freeman
(660) 596-7234

Gaming Club

The gaming club meets to play a variety of different strategy-based games.

Joel Sovanski 
(660) 596-7314

GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender) Alliance

The group’s goal is to encourage acceptance and tolerance within the diverse population of the campus community and to create a place of support, respect, pride, and safety for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members of the student body.

Amy Schroeder
(660) 596-7299

History Club

This club is for all students who have an interest in exploring the past. Activities include seminar discussions, field trips, lectures, and study of the human condition through fellowship and socialization. If you like to have fun, join us!

Michael Davis
(660) 596-7321

Horticulture Club

If you’re enrolled in the AAS in Agriculture/Emphasis in Horticulture program, you’re automatically a member of the Horticulture Club. The group promotes the importance of agriculture and takes an active role in campus beatification, community service and campuswide activities. Members also can attend workshops and trade shows to enhance their knowledge of the horticulture industry.

Brad Driskill
(660) 596-7238

Nursing Club

Membership consists of all Associate Degree and Practical Nursing students. The group strives to promote high personal standards and encourages leadership and fellowship among members. Members organize moneymaking projects to fund activities such as adopting a special-needs family, attending professional seminars and buying educational videos for SFCC and community agencies.

Courtney Ahnen
(660) 596-7436

Kayla Allison
(573) 317-8051

Nicki McCullough
(660) 596-7341

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)

SFCC’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society is based upon four major hallmarks: leadership, fellowship, service, and scholarship. Students are eligible to join after completing 12 semester hours with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5. PTK members who meet certain participation criteria may be eligible to wear a PTK stole at commencement.

Macheznie Craig 
(660) 596-7147
Yeater Learning Center 176

Kelsey Stuart
(660) 596-7338
Heckart Science and Allied Health Center 806

Radiologic Technology Club

Danielle Beumer
(660) 596-7178

Science Club

If you’re enthusiastic about science, this is the club for you! Group activities include field trips, guest speakers and more, as well as service activities to raise awareness and involvement in SFCC’s Math and Natural Sciences department.

Nick Loudon
(660) 596-7339

SFCC Players (Theatre Club)

Drama productions at SFCC provide lots of opportunities for students interested in theatre, music, performance, and the backstage crafts. A minimum of one production is scheduled each semester.

Tim Wells
(660) 596-7388

SFCC Spirit Squad

The squad supports SFCC teams, performs at home games and helps boost SFCC spirit! Anyone interested in cheering is welcome to try out.

Taylor Johnson
(660) 596-7400

Sport Shooting Club

If you enjoy recreational shooting and target practicing, this club is for you.

Brad Driskill
(660) 596-7238

Student Government Association (SGA)

The SGA is comprised of one member from each recognized campus organization plus 10 elected at-large members. The group focuses on student activities and issues and helps members develop organizational and leadership skills. SGA also coordinates with the Campus Activities Board on campuswide events like the Roadrunner Roast, Student Activity Fair, Trivia Night, Spring Fling, and homecoming activities.

Mikaela Rojak
(660) 596-7173

Student-MSTA (S-Missouri State Teachers Association)

The Missouri State Teachers Association nurtures the next generation of teachers by sponsoring college-level group for students interested in the field of education. You’ll have opportunities for personal and professional growth, development of leadership skills and participation in professional development at local and state levels.

Cara Barth-Fagan
(660) 596-7329

TSO-TRiO Student Organization

The TSO-TRiO Student Organization plans fund-raising activities and community events that encourage members to be involved and give back to the community. The club also holds events for TRiO, including holiday parties and fund-raising activities that help eligible TRiO students with academic costs, such as certification testing and honor society membership fees.

Sonya Bowman
(660) 596-7318


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