Congratulations! You have made an excellent decision in choosing State Fair Community College for your education. Signing Day is April 15, 2021 – the day we celebrate your decision to continue your education in a high-paying, in-demand field of study to help you pursue your dream job.

Signing Day 2021 is Here! Check it out below.

Every year, State Fair Community College celebrates Signing Day, a day in which students enrolling in certificates/programs in Career and Technical Education , Health Sciences and many other academic programs are spotlighted for their choice to attend SFCC.; Step 2 & 3: 2. Commit to an area of study. 3. Complete the Signing Day Registration form. Priority deadline March 8. Submissions accepted through March 22. 

This year’s Signing Day will be virtual, but will still occur on April 15. As such, participating students will be featured (name and photo) in the SFCC Signing Day Video and appear on SFCC social media posts for announcing their commitment to their respective areas of study.

It is the perfect way to let your family and friends know of your next step in higher education, and a great way to receive the recognition you deserve for choosing to continue your education at State Fair Community College.

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