Looking for a super quiet place to study? What about a space to create a video for a class? Need somewhere safe to store your stuff while on campus? We have you covered.

Rooms to Reserve

The library has several study rooms you can reserve:

  • Drennon Reading Room—A private or group study space with outlets
  • Study Room—A room for extra privacy
  • Digital Media Lab—A room with a green screen to use when creating or producing videos

To reserve a room: Call, email or stop by the main desk. During busy times like finals week, the staff may set a two-hour time limit for use.

Lockers to Rent

Looking for a place on the Sedalia campus to store personal items and checked-out library materials? The Proctor Library has 12 rental lockers available for current students.

You may rent lockers at the beginning of fall, spring and summer semesters for $5 per semester with a valid student ID and a completed Locker Rental Agreement. All lockers are to be cleared at the end of each semester; use of another will be on a first-come first-serve basis.

Storing food, drinks, other odor-causing items or placing animals in lockers is prohibited.

The library will provide padlocks; only those locks may be used. SFCC and the Proctor Library assume no responsibility for loss or damage of personal items.

Library staff may randomly inspect lockers. Any unauthorized materials found in a locker, including all library material not properly checked out, will be removed and a notice will be left in the locker stating such action has been taken. Two offenses will constitute a loss of locker privileges.

You have until the last day of finals in any semester to remove personal items and return your key to the circulation desk. After one week, library staff will clear the locker; you may claim your personal items at the Circulation Desk. Cleared belongings will be treated as “lost and found” items and will be discarded after one semester.

If the staff discovers damage to a locker during inspection or upon clearing the locker, you will be charged a fee to restore the locker or $25, whichever is greater. If you lose the key, there is a $25 charge for a replacement.

Toll Free (877) 311-7322

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