November 05, 2021

As the semester continues and the weather becomes more frigid and miserable, a question has arisen within me, and it has plagued me since the beginning of October. “Do I need a study group?” And then I replied promptly, “Probably not.” But my conclusion is not to say that you should not join one.

Study groups are not for everyone; some people work better alone, and some of us even prefer to be alone, and that means not engaging with other people unless they must. Most of the time, I do not work well with other people around me, but I recognize that having others work with me can create a better outcome. What I think and what another person thinks are completely different.

I was in literature class, and three of my classmates and I were put together in a discussion group to discuss the meanings of the short stories that we read for the past month. It turned out that the four of us produced more meaning for the stories than I could have by myself. The way that each of us sees the world is different because we all have had different life experiences, and with that, we all will have diverse ways of tackling the problems that we are faced with in life,and at school.

Do personal friends make good study groups? I am sure you already know that it depends on the group because the friends you have already may not be the best to study with. I know someone who is good friends with a guy, and she told me that they could not study together because they just talked about regular life stuff and don’t actually work. Would you consider trying to be academically successful with people you spend time relaxing with? How productive do you think you would end up being after each session with them?

Written by Webster Brown IV.

About the Author
Howdy! I‘m Webster, and I am a new student here at State Fair Community College. I have lived in Sedalia for nearly all my life, and I am working towards an AA Transfer degree from SFCC. When I transfer, I want to major in Criminal Justice. I am a new work-study at Student Success, and I am also a Trio student. I consider myself a very approachable person, and maybe through these blogs I can show that to be true. I hope these blogs can provide some practical advice from a new student to other new students and help you to succeed on your SFCC journey. If at all possible, I hope that these blogs can also help returning students as well, and maybe you can help me learn too!


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