April 25, 2022

If you’re like me, your instructors are probably talking about finals, and as we are very close to finals week, it makes sense that they would be. If your instructors are not talking about finals yet, then this should be a great bit of info for you. Finals week is coming up quickly, and it’s always better to be mindful and prepared for when finals do arrive, because though you might think you’re prepared, there are always unknowns, and as my teacher always says, “There are unknown unknowns in life, things you don’t know to prepare for, and so you don’t, because you can’t,” and this applies to finals. Hopefully your finals go well for all of you, and as we’ve talked about before, we have our tutoring center that is there for you to use if you are unsure about anything concerning your homework; furthermore, there’s always the option of contacting your instructor, which is never not intimidating (unless you’re best buds with your instructor), but it’s always worth a shot. 99.9% of our instructors are more than willing to assist you, and of course there’s the 00.01% that are not, (but again, refer to the tutoring center if that’s the case). From the experience that I have here at SFCC, I know that the finals that I am about to take won’t be scary, or horrible, they’ll be what my class has prepared me for all semester. I don’t know what your finals will be like, but there is no shortage of people to help you on campus, come by the Student Success office and ask around, and I can’t stress enough how invaluable a resource the Tutoring Center in Yeater 120 is. So basically what I’m trying to say in a nutshell is: don’t stress, do your best to prepare and study, and utilize the campus resources to get the most out of your abilities, but most of all, don’t worry yourself sick, you can only do your best, and often, your best is enough.

Cheers, and all the best.

Written by Webster Brown IV.

About the Author
Howdy! I‘m Webster, and I am a new student here at State Fair Community College. I have lived in Sedalia for nearly all my life, and I am working towards an AA Transfer degree from SFCC. When I transfer, I want to major in Criminal Justice. I am a new work-study at Student Success, and I am also a Trio student. I consider myself a very approachable person, and maybe through these blogs I can show that to be true. I hope these blogs can provide some practical advice from a new student to other new students and help you to succeed on your SFCC journey. If at all possible, I hope that these blogs can also help returning students as well, and maybe you can help me learn too!

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