August 13, 2021

Are taking campus tours at other schools worth it? Yes, I believe so. Most campus tours that I have found are free, it is just a matter of getting yourself to the campus; although recently there have been a variety of colleges that are offering virtual tours, if you’re into that. Most campus tours can be scheduled online at the college or university’s website.

What should you look at and who should you talk to on your campus tour? First, be sure and talk to students who are going into your academic program. Ask the college to not only set you up with a student ambassador who has your major, but make sure they let you talk to other students in your academic program. What do other students like about the program? How easy is it to talk to the professors? Where do you go to get tutoring? What is the employment rate of students who graduated in the last three years? Where do these students live? How is the food in the dining facility? How long is the library open at night and on the weekends? How difficult is it to get a job in the college town?

Next, talk to the professors in your program. How often do students get to research in the field with professors? What extra accreditations does the program have? Are professors available when students have questions? How do the faculty interact with program students to help them transition into employment opportunities and graduate school opportunities?

Be sure and look at the campus and the town. Are they as big and/or small as you thought? Do they have the kinds of stores you expect to see in a town you want to live in? Do they offer your program and the specializations that you are interested in? Do they have the religious services you want in the town? Do they have the kind of recreation you like to do? Is there public transportation?

While we are on the topic of taking campus tours, did you know the TRiO program at SFCC offers campus field trips to all students in TRiO? As of the time there are no planned field trips for the fall semester, but I know that there will be in the future. If you are going to be a transfer student, I would check out TRiO and see if you are eligible for the program. If you are, then it is just a matter of clearing your schedule and getting to school in time to hop on the bus. Visiting campuses is amazing for getting to know if a school is right for you, and a fantastic way to know if the college’s city is right for you as well.

For me personally, I have two options for places to transfer to: Missouri Western State University, and Lincoln University. They are only schools of which I can realistically afford, plus they have everything that I want. I am leaning more towards LU, because it is closer to where my parents live, and the size of Jefferson City is perfect for me, about forty-three thousand people.

If you are a high school student wondering where to go after you attend SFCC, do not think that it is too early to consider your options, and research a college.

If you are already attending SFCC, whether you are intending to transfer or not, you should at least investigate your options. The “Job and College Transfer Fair” is a terrific way for SFCC students to experience some of what other colleges and universities in Missouri have to offer. So, keep an eye out for that! The Job and College Transfer Fair is coming up on September 22. To learn more about it, visit


Written by Webster Brown IV.

About the Author
Howdy! I‘m Webster, and I am a new student here at State Fair Community College. I have lived in Sedalia for nearly all my life, and I am working towards an AA Transfer degree from SFCC. When I transfer, I want to major in Criminal Justice. I am a new work-study at Student Success, and I am also a Trio student. I consider myself a very approachable person, and maybe through these blogs I can show that to be true. I hope these blogs can provide some practical advice from a new student to other new students and help you to succeed on your SFCC journey. If at all possible, I hope that these blogs can also help returning students as well, and maybe you can help me learn too!


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