August 03, 2021

Congratulations! You are now a student at State Fair Community College. Now what? Have you registered for classes? Yes? Okay, great! That is the most important part of going to college you know. But now what? Well, I’m glad you are reading this, because I want to talk to you about what State Fair offers outside of classes, and how you can get more out of your college experience.

Being a new student can be hard, but situations are often only as hard as we make them. Making friends, joining a club, or participating in activities can seem daunting, but I might be able to relieve some of your worries. My advice for making friends at college would be to just let normal interactions develop naturally. Simple as that. The next question should be how do you put yourself in a position to let friendships grow? By engaging! Most people are in the same position you are, they are wanting to make friends and connections with people. Start by striking up conversation with people in your classes. Talk to the people next to, and or behind you, and the ones in front of you too. Keep in mind that our teachers are not there to be our friends, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to them, they are still people. Getting a work-study position can also be a terrific way to grow relations with other students. Here is a link for work-study positions that are available.

It is always important to respect other people and their boundaries, but you never know how someone will react if you do not first act. You can make new friends not just in the classroom, you know, but also by engaging in activities and clubs.

Student organizations (or clubs) are created by students and faculty every year, I would advise you to look deeply into the club space, and find one or two, (or three) that really tickle your fancy. The clubs change depending on who is here at State Fair, so definitely check them out often and see what is available.

I was recently told on a campus tour of Lincoln University, in Jefferson City, MO, that the worst mistake a college student can make, — given that they are an on-campus student — is to just go to class, or more accurately, to not engage themselves in activities outside of the classroom. Here at State Fair Community College, we have a plethora of activities every month! And most of them include free food. In the last week of August there are a handful of activities to attend, so go to the official SFCC website. and check out these great ways to meet new people and get free food. This is still good to check out activities if you are reading this after August 2021.

So, my fellow new students, take advantage of this new and exciting time. Make sure to check the Student Services page on the official SFCC website as well for additional information about services provided here at SFCC!


Written by Webster Brown IV.

About the Author
Howdy! I‘m Webster, and I am a new student here at State Fair Community College. I have lived in Sedalia for nearly all my life, and I am working towards an AA Transfer degree from SFCC. When I transfer, I want to major in Criminal Justice. I am a new work-study at Student Success, and I am also a Trio student. I consider myself a very approachable person, and maybe through these blogs I can show that to be true. I hope these blogs can provide some practical advice from a new student to other new students and help you to succeed on your SFCC journey. If at all possible, I hope that these blogs can also help returning students as well, and maybe you can help me learn too!


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