December 22, 2020

As campus has once again closed, I think it’s important to cover the resources that State Fair Community College has to offer, even if they have slightly adjusted. Finals are approaching fast, and while the college cannot remind you with creative bulletin boards or bathroom newsletters, there is still a need to study and take advantage of every resource that has been provided to you. Personally, I utilize a wide plethora of resources provided by the college, and they’ve helped me numerous times throughout my time at SFCC altogether. 

Not every class has a test for their final, some people may be writing essays or working on projects. If you’re writing an essay, I implore you to utilize the tutoring resources. At no cost to you, you can send your essay into the tutors, and they will review it and give suggestions for corrections to be made. If you’d like them to focus on content, not format, or vice versa, just let them know and they’ll do their best to help you succeed. This resource helped me out a lot during my first two semesters as I was in courses that were primarily centered around writing. The writing tutors are absolutely amazing, and you can find more information about this resource at mySFCC > Resources > Tutoring & Academic Support. 

Along with the writing tutors, we also have astounding math tutors to help you grasp concepts you may not be fully confident with. Whether it be just to review previous concepts, or work on concepts you’re currently learning, it’ll certainly help when it comes to your final. Most math courses give study guides of the type of content that will be on the final. The math tutor can help you work through it and/or grasp the concepts on that study guide. This resource has more information at mySFCC > Resources > Tutoring & Academic Support. 

Finals can be stressful, which is why it’s important to not completely abandon your mental health as well. It’s okay to take a break every now and then; remember to take care of yourself. State Fair offers counseling services as well, which may be even more critical now as we’ve transitioned to an online format. Don’t be afraid to reach out, counseling services may help even if it’s something you think is minor. You can access those resources at mySFCC > Resources > Disability Resource Center and Counseling Services. 

There are tons of other resources that may be beneficial should you choose to utilize them. Take a moment to check out the resources page in mySFCC to see if there’s anything that can be done by SFCC to help you that I haven’t mentioned in here. Don’t forget to check your SFCC email more frequently now that we’re online, the college as well as your professors will communicate important information with you through there!


Written by Taylor Ireland.

About the Author
Hi, I’m Taylor! I’m a sophomore at State Fair Community College. I’m heavily involved around campus as a residential assistant for the Student Life apartments, TRiO President for the Fall 2020 Semester, an active participant in our school’s theatre, and a work study for Student Success! I’m around campus a lot; unfortunately, I don’t often have time to chat with everyone, so hopefully blogs about my experiences at SFCC will help to aid you into either getting back into the groove of things, or help you start a groove if you’re new!


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