October 12, 2020

As talk of midterms begins filling every student with anxiety, I realize that this semester I’m not as pressed about it. Yes, it’s still important and I’m taking it seriously; however, instead of feeling as though I have a constant weight on my shoulders, I feel like they’re going to go as well as they possibly can. The only cause I can really pinpoint for this is the vast difference in my management of time between this semester and last. 

Last semester I was an absolute mess. I had 15 credit hours, work study, and theatre. Which is actually a lot less than what I have this semester. I was always stressed out, meeting with people in the spare minutes I had between classes or work. I managed; however, I know for a fact I could have managed myself much better if only I had stopped to come up with a game plan rather than complete tasks in a rushed and randomized manner.

I started this semester much differently than I did my first semester, and I’m sure that’s because I was anticipating being swamped with everything I’m involved in. I began with a planner, which hasn’t ever really been a tool I utilize, but because I had seen so many people use a planner and succeed, I tried it first. It’s definitely not the best thing for me. I would forget to write things in as class ended and homework was assigned. The planner was a no-go for myself, and I decided I needed to make sure I chose a method that worked for me. 

After the planner, I began writing a to-do list every day after classes and work had taken place. That worked better for me, but it still wasn’t the most efficient way as I often jumbled up small details like due dates. I really liked the to-do list though, I just needed a way to add tasks on the go. So, I transitioned to the only piece of technology I have that seems to be easily accessible: my phone. There’s an app to make yourself a to-do list, so I decided to utilize it. I could put in dates, subjects, and assignments as well as set it to remind me when something for that day was due! It was definitely a game changer! 

My app came with my phone as a widget; however, there is an app on the Google Play Store for free titled “Tasks: Todo list, Task List, Reminder” that is free to download. It works similarly and walks you through how to use it!

I recommend that everyone starts with something small like a planner or to-do list to help organize themselves and see the urgency of what needs to be done. It really helps me divide my time as best I can to help myself study, participate in events, or work with much less stress. Everyone has their own process, and this is just an example of mine! Work something out that will aid you to juggle everything life in college seems to throw at us!

Written by Taylor Ireland.


About the Author
Hi, I’m Taylor! I’m a sophomore at State Fair Community College. I’m heavily involved around campus as a residential assistant for the Student Life apartments, TRiO President for the Fall 2020 Semester, an active participant in our school’s theatre, and a work study for Student Success! I’m around campus a lot; unfortunately, I don’t often have time to chat with everyone, so hopefully blogs about my experiences at SFCC will help to aid you into either getting back into the groove of things, or help you start a groove if you’re new!


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