October 02, 2020

Good Afternoon SFCC,

Success is a simple word with a complex meaning. Success is ambiguous. Everyone has a different vision of success. To me it means being financially independent as well as providing a stable and happy lifestyle for my children and family. One way I like to make sure I am staying on track is to reevaluate my daily actions to make sure everything I am doing is getting me closer to my meaning of success. When I am in the car or taking a shower, I have time to reflect on which goals I have achieved and which ones I am still working towards. Keeping very strict and detailed versions of my goals allow me to make certain that I did not miss an opportunity to better my chances at success.

Becoming the best version of yourself is arguably the bluntest way to define success. How does an undergraduate student become the best version of themselves? The first step is to develop a daily routine. Next, successful students will need to learn how to adjust that routine when life throws you curve balls so to speak. Furthermore, students should clearly define their goals and go over them with trusted friends to make sure they are attainable goals. Lastly, a good college student would pat themselves on the back for taking these three steps and sticking to them because they are easier said than done.

An example of sticking to a routine and adjusting accordingly could look like this. A student has just come back from an academic holiday and has classes from 8-8:50, 9-10:50, and 1-3 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this upcoming semester. This student has work or athletics from 4-8 every night they have class. How is this student going to balance work, school, athletics, and relationships? The first step is to practice this routine with supplemental activities a week prior to the first day of school. Doing so will establish the routine, make the first week less stressful, and make you aware of the time it takes to settle down after each activity and start the next. Next, they should wake up two hours prior to the start of their day so they can adequately prepare for what the day has to offer. They could also prepare a lunch during the morning hours to enjoy from 11-1 while they studied or relaxed. Making the most out of every extra minute you have is what will set you up for a well-balanced lifestyle. I also recommend having one day off during the work week like this theoretical student did, just so any curve balls that might arise throughout the week can be taken care of with little added stress. Establishing an efficient routine early is essential to starting your semester off on the right foot. How you start the semester will ultimately define how you end it in most cases.

College is the time to start proving to yourself and others that your definition of success is attainable and achievable by you. Best wishes in getting your daily routine established and I hope you benefit the same way that I have.

Written by Robert Johnson.


About the Author
Hi, I’m Robert! I am a sophomore at SFCC where I have been working the past two semesters as one of Student Success and Retentions Work-Study Students. I am a pre-engineering student here at SFCC, and I plan to transfer to Missouri Science and Technology in the fall of 2021 in pursuit of my bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Engineering. I look forward to sharing with you some of the topics that I think are relevant to student success and community involvement.


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