October 02, 2020

Already, though the semester has just begun, I feel a slight pull on my motivation for classes, particularly my math course to be quite honest. It tends to happen every year; however, with adjustments due to the pandemic, it is slightly more prominent than normal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super stoked that we’re back on campus; however, I just miss classes that weren’t hybridized and the ability to actually see people’s faces and friendly smiles! As this seems to happen every year once classes get rolling, I’ve come up with some easy tips to help keep myself motivated, and they may help out you too!


Set Small Goals
Sometimes thinking about the larger goals can be super overwhelming, and to be quite honest, when I’m overwhelmed I tend to slowly shut down; however, if you focus on one thing at a time instead of trying to jump through all the hoops at once, then you may be less stressed, and less likely to get overwhelmed. I tend to do this by making a to-do list for each day. My only goal is to accomplish each day’s to-do list, and if I feel up to working ahead after I accomplish all my tasks, that’s even better! 

Find Something to Look Forward to
If I’m not really feeling like going to class, I always try and find something that’ll be fun or a positive of going to that class. For example, in my Interpersonal Communications class with Sarah Nail, I look forward to the discussions the most. That in itself is enough for me to want to go to class, and once I’m already at the college, I might as well go to the next class too. If need be, set rewards for yourself. Like, “If I go to class today, even though I’m not feeling it, I’ll treat myself to ice-cream later.” It works almost every time! I mean, who doesn’t love ice-cream?

Reach Out
If you are losing motivation, reach out to other people. Don’t close yourself off from the rest of the world. It’s important to realize that sometimes friends and family can help hype you back up. State Fair also has counseling resources that you can find in mySFCC under the resources tab. Shutting yourself off from others is a slippery slope, and I’ve learned that it’s definitely not the way to go. So speak up, there are people around who will listen and try their best to help!

Written by Taylor Ireland.


About the Author
Hi, I’m Taylor! I’m a sophomore at State Fair Community College. I’m heavily involved around campus as a residential assistant for the Student Life apartments, TRiO President for the Fall 2020 Semester, an active participant in our school’s theatre, and a work study for Student Success! I’m around campus a lot; unfortunately, I don’t often have time to chat with everyone, so hopefully blogs about my experiences at SFCC will help to aid you into either getting back into the groove of things, or help you start a groove if you’re new!


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