At State fair Community College, students may choose between traditional residence hall-style living and apartments. There are advantages to each. Below you will find information to help you determine which housing option best fits your expectations and needs.

Residence Hall Activities
Comparison between the Residence Hall and Campus Apartments


Traditional style rooms with communal restrooms and showers. 2 students per room.

Cost: All prices are per semester

Room: $1475.00

Board: $1718.00 (requires 19-meal plan)


Sink with medicine cabinet and small storage underneath, 2 wardrobes, 2 desks with chairs and bunkbeds. Built in Wi-Fi included and TV located in the main lounge. No cable in the rooms. Money operated Washer and Dryer. Each room has a HVAC unit. Cleaning supplies are provided and available for use.

Helpful items that residents can bring include a rug for floors because the floors are tiled, a mattress pad, storage for underneath the bed, shower shoes and shower caddie, plastic plates and bowls. 3M Command strips for hanging pictures and poster, and quarters for laundry.

There can only be one personal refrigerator and no microwaves in each room. There is a microwave is provided by residential life.


East Wing (men’s hall) 11 x 15 feet 165 square feet
West Wing (men’s hall) 11 x 14 feet 154 square feet
North Wing (women’s hall) 11 x 13 feet 143 square feet

Mail: Handle by USPS and each resident get assigned mailbox inside the residence hall


In the apartments, two different bedroom formats are available. Two-bedroom, one-bath (tub) houses four (4) same-sex students per apartment. Three-bedroom, two-bath (1 tub) houses six (6) same-sex students per apartment. These apartments are located across the street from the SFCC-Sedalia campus. Students who live in the campus apartments can choose between the 10-meal or the 19-meal plans.

Cost: All prices are per semester, per student

3-bedroom apartment: $1,696

2-bedroom apartment: $2,000

Meal Plan:

  • 10-meal plan $1,422
  • 19-meal plan $1,718


Each apartment has a half kitchen (stove, microwave and full-size refrigerator), one desk and chair per apartment, built in Wi-Fi, washer and dryer. Residents cannot have personal microwaves or refrigerators. Each room has a built-in wardrobe and bunkbeds in each room.

Residents must furnish: (discuss options with roommates) couches, chairs and toilet paper, pots and pans, shower curtains, plates, silverware, paper towels, dish soap, hand soap, bathroom items (toiletries,  personal hygiene), window curtains (cannot drill into wall and must use 3M command hooks), personal storage containers, TV (cable not provided), mattress pads and bedding. Also, residents must provide cleaning supplies.


Bedroom in 3- bedroom apartment: 10 x 10 ½ feet, 105-square feet

Bedroom in 2- bedroom apartment: 12 x 10 feet, 120-square feet

Mail: Handled by U.S. Postal Service, and each unit has an assigned outside mailbox.

Both the residence hall and apartments have access to a built-in computer lab within the residence hall.

Highly recommend: Each resident should determine if his or her personal property is covered by their parents’ homeowner’s policy or if they should purchase whatever personal property insurance is desired.

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