Ready, set, decorate! All it takes to turn your room into your own space is a little creativity and a few of your favorite things.

Residence Hall

The Residence Hall features coed living, with separate wings for men and women and separate community-style bathrooms. Each two-student room has twin-size bunk beds (they can’t be un-bunked), two desks, two chairs, and two wardrobes; a shared sink and mirror; and internet service. The windows come with blinds.

There are three room sizes:

East Wing (men’s hall) 11 x 15 feet 165 square feet
West Wing (men’s hall) 11 x 14 feet 154 square feet
North Wing (women’s hall) 11 x 13 feet 143 square feet

Only one 5-cubic-foot (or smaller) mini fridge is allowed per room, so be sure to coordinate with your roommate. Microwaves are not allowed.

Down the hall are a computer lounge with a printer; a TV lounge; and a laundry room.

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