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Residential and Meal Plan Rates

Facility Meal Plan Room Board Total
Resident Hall 19 meals $1475 $1,718 $3,193
Apartment (3 BR) 19 meals $1,696 $1,718 $3,414
Apartment (3 BR) 10 meals $1,696 $1,422 $3,118
Apartment (2 BR) 19 meals $2,000 $1,718 $3,718
Apartment (2 BR) 10 meals $2,000 $1,422 $3,422

Meal plans are required for all resident students. Students living in the Apartments may choose between a 10- or 19-meal plans. Students living in the residence hall are required to have the 19-meal plan. 

Res Life

Follow these easy steps to apply for your room.

Residence Life Housing applications for fall/spring starts March 1. Filling out the Residence Life, housing application does not guarantee housing.

Step 1:
Become an admitted student at SFCC and receive your mySFCC login credentials.

Step 2:
Log in to mySFCC, go to Resources >>> Student Life, Activities, Residence Halls and click the application for on-campus housing. Complete the online application and submit the required $50 nonrefundable application fee.

Step 3:
Residence Life will assign rooms on July 1 for the fall and December 1 for the spring. An email with your official housing assignment will be sent to you via your school email. This will contain important information such as check-in dates, roommate information and what to bring. Once you receive your housing assignment, you need to email or fax your meningococcal immunization record to housing@sfccmo.edu or fax it to 660-596-7375. We must have your meningococcal record on file before you can check-in. If you have been wait-listed, you will also receive an email via your school email.

Step 4:
Contact your roommate prior to check-in and coordinate what each of you will bring for the room. Using social media is the best way for contacting your roommate.

Step 5:

Arrive on move-in day, meet your Resident Assistant and pick up your keys. Faculty, staff and students will help you with the move-in process. We will have a mandatory all-resident meeting after check-in.

 List of Things to Bring

   The following items are suggested for residential living.

Clothes and Accessories

  • Light and heavy jackets
  • Umbrella
  • Rubber flip-flops for shower
  • Summer and winter clothing (Missouri weather changes!)

Room Decorations

  • Posters and pictures
  • Scentsy-type wax warmers
  • Air fresheners

Useful items

  • A few plates, glasses and silverware
  • Paper towels, napkins, Ziploc bags, etc.
  • Small refrigerator (5 cubic ft. max) – one only per room in the residence hall
  • Keurig-type single cup coffeemaker
  • Snacks
  • 3M or sticky tack to hang pictures, posters


  • Surge protector (power strips with breaker switch only)
  • Fan
  • Headphones
  • Desk lamp (non-Halogen only)

Organization and Storage

  • Backpack/book bags
  • Basket for shower items
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Laundry basket or bag
  • Clothes hangers
  • Plastic crates for storage

Personal Care

  • Twin mattress cover/pad
  • Toiletries
  • Medications, extra contacts/glasses and copy of prescriptions
  • Small first aid kit, Tylenol, etc.
  • Health insurance cards and prescription cards
  • Towels, pillow, twin sheets, comforter, etc. (80” mattress)
  • Small trash can, broom and dustpan

What to Leave Behind

  • Pets
  • Candles and incense (even for decoration)
  • Toasters or Toaster ovens
  • Duct tape/masking tape (this damages the walls)
  • Two- or three-prong “zip” extension cords
  • Extension cords WITHOUT breaker switch
  • All appliances with open elements or coils. (Space heaters, Hot plates, and Coffee pots with exposed hot plate (anything with an exposed heating element or that gets warm to the touch when in use)
  • Fryers
  • George Foreman grills
  • Alcohol, drugs and Alcohol or tobacco containers for any reason, including decorative purposes
  • Valuables
  • Personal air conditioners
  • Lamps with Halogen bulbs
  • Weapons of any kind

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