The world of communication is ever changing and the careers of today require skills in mass communication, graphic design, journalism, marketing, and public relations within the realm of new technologies including blogs, podcasts, video production, websites, and social media platforms. The Digital Media Communications program equips graduates with the skills and fundamentals needed to take on 21st century communication careers.


Is this program right for me?

Are you outgoing? Enjoy thinking about strategies behind media and social media messaging? Do you like talking with others? Is writing something that you enjoy? If yes, then a career in digital media communications may be right for you. Maybe, studying digital communications is for you.

The characteristics of those cut out for careers in communication include strong interpersonal skills, oral and written communication skills, analytical, well organized and creative.

Occupational Outlook

A Professional Certificate or AAS degree in Digital Media Communications can prepare graduates with a variety of careers such as, digital marketing and communication specialist positions. 

Careers in communication offer excellent flexibility, as there are dozens of career options. The Skills Certificate in Digital Media Communications is designed to retrain professionals who are currently working in communication. Additionally, it is ideal if you have a position that requires utilization of digital media to communicate.

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts a four percent increase in positions over the next ten years. Furthermore, MERIC data notes over 9,000 positions in marketing and 140 in media and communications (2018).

As a result, Media and communication workers in the state of Missouri earn a median annual income of $67,460. Similarly, annual salaries can range from $28,200 to $106,170.

Maybe you plan to earn a bachelor’s degree. If so, SFCC’s Associate of Arts (AA) degree will prepare you for transfer to a four-year college.

This program is offered at the Sedalia campus. 

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