April 07, 2020

We know the current pandemic and transition to online learning has caused some anxiety and uncertainty for high school seniors. State Fair Community College would like to answer commonly asked questions and assure high school seniors that there is no need to panic about the application process. We understand the current situation and are more than happy to work with you to get your application approved and processed. 

  1.  What if I don’t have grades for my last semester in high school?  What will you use to determine admission?
    State Fair Community College is an open-access community college. We will not need to see your final semester grades to get you admitted! Previous ACT scores, Accuplacer scores and some grades in high school courses can be used to help you get placed in the appropriate math and composition courses. That data can be retrieved from your high school transcript, or you can submit them electronically from ACT or Accuplacer websites 
  2.  If my school is closed and I can’t get my transcript, can I still be admitted and attend in the fall? 
    Absolutely! You will need your high school transcript for financial aid purposes, but you can be admitted and even enroll in courses while we are waiting for your transcript to arrive. 
  3.  If I don’t have a high school class rank, will this affect my scholarships or admission? 
    Your high school class rank is never required for admission or scholarship eligibility at State Fair Community College. No matter where you ranked among your high school peers, you are always at the top of the list at SFCC! 
  4.  I can’t take the ACT/SAT. How will that affect my college admission and scholarships/financial aid? 
    You need not worry about ACT or SAT scores for admissions or scholarship eligibility at State Fair Community College. Your ACT or SAT scores can be used to place you in the appropriate composition or math courses, but even then, there are other options available if your ACT or SAT scores are not. 
  5.  My GPA went down for my last semester. Will this affect my scholarships or admission?  
    A dip in your high school GPA during the last semester will have no effect on your being admitted to State Fair Community College. We have several scholarships available for students with GPAs of 2.0 or higher. 
  6.  Is there still a requirement for freshmen to live on campus or will I need to make other arrangements?  
    State Fair Community College on-campus housing application is open now for the 2020-2021 academic year. There is no requirement for new students to live on-campus, but the opportunity is available if you are interested. 
  7.  I don’t like or do well in online courses. Can I take in-person courses in the fall? If courses are moved online, how will technical courses be offered? 
    Much like you, SFCC faculty and staff are hopeful that we will be back to normal on-campus activities this fall and that in-person, traditional format courses will be back in full-swing. Our technical and health sciences faculty have been working hard to develop alternative format course delivery that may allow for those courses to be completed without being completely online.  
  8.  Will there be any changes to the requirements to receive transfer credit for AP or CLEP exams? 
    We anticipate no need to make changes to our AP and CLEP transfer credit policies. 
  9.  My last semester high school dual credit courses were online.  Will they still count for college credit? 
    You bet! You did college-level work as a dual credit student and SFCC is ready to make sure those credits count toward your degree program. 
  10.  I was in college prep (AP, dual credit, or honors courses) my senior year before they were moved online, and we didn’t have in-person instruction. I’m not sure I am ready for college-level work now. What are my options, or what services will be available to help me?  
    Our faculty and staff are developing a guided self-placement evaluation that may help you determine if you are ready for college-level work. As an SFCC student, you have access to free tutoring and may qualify for additional support services like TRiO. 
  11.  Will there be opportunities to take summer bridge courses/orientation in person? 
    We plan to offer our summer orientations in person on campus if it is safe to do so. If local authorities advise against that, we are prepared to deliver orientation online. That’s not our favorite option, but it is important to us that you get off to the best start possible, and we’ll do what we can to make that happen. 
  12.  Does your institution provide opportunities for early admission or flexibility with receiving final high school grades and transcripts for admission? Absolutely! You can apply to State Fair Community College today and be admitted the next day. There is no need to wait for a final high school transcript. 
  13.  How is virtual/online high school education viewed in the admission and financial aid processes? Is it considered equal to in-person instruction? 
    How you completed high school, or your high school equivalency, has no bearing on your admission or eligibility for financial aid at State Fair Community College.
  14.  Will there be any changes to financial aid packages for the fall? 
    State Fair Community College will not be making changes to your financial aid package for the fall 2020 term. We will, however, be happy to assist you and your family in making necessary changes to increase your access to federal or state financial aid programs if your family is experiencing or has experienced a dramatic change in your household income as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. 

State Fair Community College enrollment for summer and fall classes opens April 7, 2020. To find resources for future students such as the admission application, tour schedules, and housing information, click here. For any questions or concerns, please contact Dean of Student Services, Autumn Porter, at (660)-596-7393 or aporter14@sfccmo.edu. 


Written by Megan Spencer, Social Media and Digital Communications Coordinator at State Fair Community College.


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