March 31, 2020

Online classes can go one of two ways: be super intimidating or an easy responsibility to blow off. Don’t let either of these happen to you! Pick the secret third option and be prepared to succeed through your online classes.  

Online classes aren’t anything to be intimidated about. It’s the same as an onground class, the only difference is you get to stay at home in your PJs! Follow these tips to stay successful and conquer your online classes. 

    Know what resources are available to you. To learn about SFCC resources that are available during this time, read our first blog post, SFCC Resources. There are tons of apps and websites available to students to help them during their educational journey. Here are a few:, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive,,,, and 
    We know it’s easy to get cozy on the couch with your laptop and coffee, but let’s be realwhere does that lead you? Napping at 2 p.m. in the afternoon! That’s why it’s extremely important to distinguish a specific workspace in your home, so you know it’s time to get down to business when you’re in that spot. Your workspace should be organized, have good lighting, strong internet connection, be close to a power outlet, and lastly be somewhere you’re not easily distracted. 
    It may to be more difficult to stay motivated in an online class versus a face-to-face class. Therefore, you need to set goals and know your expectations from the start of your online class. Tell yourself you’re going to stay motivated, on top of all your deadlines, and make a point to be interactive in your classes. Just because it’s an online course doesn’t mean you can’t communicate and create a relationship with your peers and instructors. Take it upon yourself to introduce yourself to your peers and instructors via email, direct message, or group chats. Set goals for each class. These can include what grade you want to receive at the end of the course or maybe on a specific assignment, how long you plan to study for a test, reaching your deadlines early, etc. Don’t forget to reward yourself when reaching your goals. Lastly, always seek help when needed. Your instructors and navigators are there to help. 
  4.  STAY ORGANIZED WITH A DAILY ROUTINEBeing online for the rest of the semester makes it very tempting to stay up all night, sleep during the day and spend only a small portion of time on course work. Stay strong and stray away from these temptations! Don’t procrastinate! Set a daily routine that stays in line with your regular routine. Wake up at a decent time and plan for how long you‘re going to study and work on assignments. Make sure to include time for eating, breaks and hobbies in your daily routine. Your mental health is very important and will navigate how you decide to complete your online courses. Figure out what daily plan strategy works best for you. Maybe you’re a list maker, a calendar writer, or maybe you like to put sticky notes everywhere. Whatever it may be, strategize and stay on top of it. Canvas offers a calendar feature that automatically inputs your assignments and allows you to insert your own calendar events. 
    During the study hours you’ve set aside, be sure to eliminate any distractions. Including the television, phone, loud noises, playful pets, etc. You will get the most out of your study time and use it more effectively without any distractions. While taking short breaks in the day, be sure to monitor your time spent on social media. It is easy to lose track of time and keep scrolling.  

Overall, you are taking these online courses for your benefit and the only way you’ll truly benefit and learn from them is if you PLAN YOUR WORK AND WORK YOUR PLANYOU.  CAN.  DO.  THIS. 


Written by Megan Spencer, Social Media and Digital Communications Coordinator at State Fair Community College.

About the Author
Hi, I’m Megan! I run State Fair Community College’s social media. I grew up with a creative passion and have always loved drawing, painting, and crafting. My educational background is in graphic design and marketing. I love to help people, which is one of the reasons I started writing these blogs for SFCC’s students. It’s about community!

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