Our Music program teaches you music theory, history and more, and you can perform to your heart’s content in vocal or instrumental ensembles. It’s a great foundation for a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year college.


We offer a variety of experiences for anyone interested in learning more about music. The program includes performance opportunities with two vocal ensembles, Chamber Choir and Jazz Choir, and the Jazz Runners instrumental ensemble.

If you’re working toward an AFA, your curriculum will include:

  • Voice or instrumental studies with a private instructor to help you develop your talent as you move to the next level. You’ll perform a recital each semester.
  • Piano study, either in class or applied
  • Performances with Chamber Choir, Jazz Choir or Jazz Band ensembles, which also provide a chance to learn conducting and leadership skills
  • Classes such as Music Theory, Aural Training and Music History and Literature

An AFA degree in music offers countless career opportunities, such as music education (both vocal and instrumental), vocal performance, instrumental performance, conducting, composition, music for worship, music business, music therapy, music technology, the recording industry, the television and radio industry, music librarianship, film scoring, music arts management, or music publishing.

The Music Arts program offers several performance scholarships to students who participate in SFCC’s music ensembles. You don’t have to be a music major to apply.

Follow all of SFCC’s fine and performing arts programs and activities on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sfccmothearts and Instagram at @sfccmothearts.
  • This program is offered at the Sedalia campus. 

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