If you want to earn a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college, our transfer degrees are designed for you! More than half of our students are enrolled in transfer programs. It’s a great choice.

Transfer Degree

Our transfer degrees offer a large number of academic program and transfer options. If you’ve settled on a major, choose electives for the program you want to pursue at your four-year college. If you’re undecided, electives let you explore different majors and interests. We have transfer agreements with several public and private universities in Missouri, so you can start almost any bachelor’s program here and know your courses will transfer.

The AA program is offered online and at all campus locations except Warsaw.

The college to which you plan to transfer determines how it will grant credit for SFCC courses and how they will apply toward earning a degree. Because each college has different requirements, we recommend you work closely with your navigator, who will help you enroll in the right classes at the right time and ensure a seamless transfer.


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