July 06, 2016
SFCC and GVMH staff
From left: Dara Bigler, director, SFCC-Clinton; Dr. Rhonda Hutton Gann, associate dean of Allied Health, SFCC; Mary Treuner, executive director, SFCC Foundation; Vince Ninemire, Medical Assistant program coordinator, SFCC; Dr. Joanna Anderson, president, SFCC; Dr. Brent Bates, vice president for Educational and Student Support Services, SFCC; Tammy Nadler, CFO, GVMH; Randy Wertz, CEO, GVMH; Kyle Adkins, administrator, Physician Clinics, GVMH; and Craig Thompson, COO, GVMH.

SEDALIA—In an effort to provide education and job opportunities for Clinton area residents, Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH) and State Fair Community College will jointly fund a new position at SFCC’s Clinton campus.

GVMH is donating $30,000 a year for three years to the State Fair Community College Foundation to fund one-half of a coordinator/instructor position for SFCC’s new Medical Assistant program. SFCC is funding the other half of the position.

The program, which includes an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and a Professional Certificate in Medical Assistant, will be offered this fall at the SFCC-Clinton campus and online. A Professional Certificate in Medical Assistant can lead directly to employment or count toward an AAS degree in Medical Assistant. Upon completion of the Professional Certificate requirements, students may take a national certification exam to become a certified or registered medical assistant. Some employers do not require assistants to be certified, but those who are certified increase their career opportunities.

“We value the opportunity to work closely with GVMH and appreciate its generous support of this new program, which will benefit students and increase the quality of health care in our service area,” said Dr. Joanna Anderson, SFCC president. “We would not be able to start this program without the financial assistance of GVMH. Its $90,000 commitment is a significant donation for which we are extremely grateful.”

Students will complete clinical portions of the program at GVMH sites and other facilities in SFCC’s 14-county service area.

“When we find a way to improve the overall quality of life and health of the people we serve, we embrace it,” said Kyle Adkins, administrator, Physician Clinics, GVMH. ”Medical assistants provide critical support to our providers in our clinics. We see the long-term value of this partnership not only for our patients but also for us as an organization.”

The Medical Assistant program is designed to prepare students to work as multi-skilled health professionals who can perform both clinical and administrative duties in physicians’ offices, medical centers, medical specialty clinics, insurance billing agencies, laboratories, and other ambulatory care settings.

Medical assistants typically prepare patients and treatment rooms for clinical exams; assist practitioners with exams; take and record vital signs and medical information; handle patient billing and bookkeeping tasks; and coordinate appointments, among other tasks.

Enrollment at SFCC is underway for fall semester, which starts Aug. 22. For more information about the new program, contact Vince Ninemire, program coordinator, at (660) 383-7050 or vninemire@sfccmo.edu.

SFCC offers classes in Sedalia, Boonville, Clinton, Eldon, Lake of the Ozarks, Warsaw, Whiteman Air Force Base, and online. Prospective students may apply online at www.sfccmo.edu/admissions.

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