May 15, 2024

State Fair Community College (SFCC) recognized the graduates of 2023-2024 Leadership Academy with a ceremony on May 10. Eight SFCC employees completed the program, which is designed to promote leadership roles and opportunities within the college. Those completing the program were Dr. Cara Barth-Fagan, Rochelle Hockett, Dr. Christopher Kindle, Beverly Marquez, Michele Rupard, Maddie Stephan, Dr. Becky Throneberry, and Emily Westermier.  

The Leadership Academy provides a new generation of effective and visionary leaders with the knowledge, skills and attributes required to help the College serve its communities, meet its mission and attain its vision.  

The program is open to SFCC faculty and staff, willing to commit and dedicate themselves to attending monthly sessions and engaging in preparatory work during the nine-month program. Additionally, participants must have been employed by the College for a year or more. Participants are exposed to a comprehensive curriculum made up of topics essential to effective leadership. 

A prerequisite to completion of the Leadership Academy is a class project, wherein participants identify and propose a solution to address issues on campus. This year, the group focused on enhancing employee engagement through a recognition program. Their initiative, titled “Thanks to You,” encourages SFCC employees and community members to acknowledge outstanding employees through a submission process. Submissions will be reviewed and recognized by the SFCC Human Resources department each month.

SFCC celebrates 2023-2024 Leadership Academy Graduates

Members of the college’s Board of Trustees along with the college president and executive leadership team attended the ceremony. College President Dr. Brent Bates presented each participant with a medallion marking their completion of the academy.  

“The Leadership Academy is a great way to prepare the future college leaders from within,” said Bates. “Our employees are our greatest assets, and this program is a fantastic way to foster leaders and better position the college to remain a catalyst for educational and economic expansion in the area.” 

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