December 18, 2017

Rhonda Hutton-Gann

State Fair Community College’s Board of Trustees approved the promotion of Dr. Rhonda Hutton Gann to Dean of Health Sciences at the Nov. 28 trustees’ meeting.

Dr. Hutton Gann started her career with SFCC in 2002 as a nurse educator and then advanced to division chair and associate dean. She holds a Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner from Capella University.

Dr. Hutton Gann’s leadership has been instrumental in expanding SFCC’s health science programs, securing external funding and growing partnerships with health care providers that benefit students and communities. She serves on national committees for the Organization of Associate Degree Nursing and the Katy Trail Community Health Board of Trustees. Dr. Hutton Gann also has been involved on multiple taskforce initiatives for the Missouri State Board of Nursing. As Dean of Health Sciences, Dr. Hutton Gann will now serve on SFCC’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT).

SFCC trustees approved the recommendation from the ELT to make Health Sciences its own division with Dr. Hutton Gann as the dean reporting to Dr. Brent Bates, vice president for Educational and Student Support Services. Establishing Health Sciences as its own division creates a better balance of employee management and responsibilities with the other two academic deans, Mark Kelchner, dean of Technical Education and Workforce Innovation, and James Cunningham, dean of Academic Affairs.

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