Kace is a patch and software management tool.  It is necessary to keep SFCC devices up to date to prevent security incidents. 

Q: Will this work when I am remote? 

A: Yes.  Kace will updated devices while they are on and off campus.  

Q: Will I still need to reboot my device?

A: Yes.  Kace will periodically ask to reboot your computer due to patching when necessary.  You can snooze the reboot for 30 minutes 10 times in order to continue your work.  

Q: Do I need to do anything?

A: Yes.  Reboot your computer when asked, that is all.  Kace manages everything else.  

Q: Do I need to “Check for Windows updates?”

A: No.  While we have left the button enabled so you can check for updates, you no longer need to check.  Kace will reliably push updates when available.  

Q: What else does Kace do?

A:  Kace manages the following:

    • Software and Windows/MacOS Patching
    • Software deployment
    • Device and Software Inventory
    • Device driver updates
    • Apple devices and software.

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